10 Amazing Gift Ideas for that Special Someone

A gift for that special someone is something which is rather personal in its nature, much like the relationship itself, so nobody could ever lay claim to having all the answers as to exactly what to get that special someone. There are however some guidelines which will give you a nice push in the right direction, but the rest is really up to you — the personalisation aspect of making the final selection.

Here are 10 ideas for such gifts for that special someone which you’ll be hard-pressed to go wrong with, really:

1. A DVD/Blu Ray Box Set of Their Favourite TV Series

Sure, they can always subscribe to a service such as Netflix, ShowMax or any other content-on-demand service, but if you present their favourite series as a DVD or Blu Ray box set to that special someone, you make things physical and give them a physical object which they will always associate with you. DVD box sets are known to have some extra features as well, such as special behind-the-scenes footage and other “deluxe edition” features. You could even go a step further and get them a boxed set of movies in a genre that’s usually harder to find. Say your partner is an Asian film enthusiast; you could make them very happy by getting them a Terracotta Distribution Asian movies set, which isn’t something that’s just lying around in a department store.

2. Health Spa Retreat


If you want to you can even tag along, but a health spa retreat will always come as a welcome gift. If your partner works hard all week, a massage and some pampering will always be appreciated as the best kind of stress-buster.

4. Glasses

Gifting glasses is one of the most personal and thoughtful things you can do. If you know their eye power, get them a new stylist frame! Or, if your special someone works all day long on the computer, gifting blue light glasses is a wonderful idea.

3. Weekend Getaway

Book a weekend getaway for the both of you and spend some quality time in each other’s company.

5. Concert Tickets

Another gift which the two of you can enjoy together. Everybody has a set of favourite artists they’d love to go and see performing live. If this option interests you, you can check out Austin City Limits tickets to see whether or not they have any of your favourite artists performing. You can also explore other options for live concerts and events in your area. This could be a great way to enjoy some quality time together.

6. Fragrance Set

As long as it doesn’t completely revolt your partner or induce some allergic reactions, you have every right to pick out a fragrance for them which YOU like. They can always just wear it at home when hanging out with you if they don’t want to wear it out in public.

7. A Book

If you don’t know what book your partner would like to read next, you might need to put in more effort to make the relationship work. Otherwise you can never go wrong with a good book.

8. A Practical Gift

Look closely at your special someone’s life and try to see if there’s anything in particular which is missing. Practical gifts simply make the lives of the recipient easier in some or other way, even if in the tiniest of ways. Something like an umbrella which synchronises with their Smartphone is a good example for someone who has a habit of misplacing their umbrella knowing full well that they live in an area where it rains a lot.

9. A “Kick-Starter” Gift

If your partner has been going on about starting an exercise regime for instance, something like a Fitbit wrist band activity-tracker will come across as a very thoughtful gift to help them kick-start their intentions. Just do not forget to purchase an extra Fitbit charging cable from somewhere like https://mobilemob.com.au/ as you can never have too many spares!

10. Accessories

A wallet for the guys or a handbag for the ladies — because you can never have enough of those, can you?

What is your favourite present you’ve received from a loved one? Let us know by commenting below and getting in touch.

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