How to Pick a Thoughtful Gift for a Parent

Just in case you don’t know, picking out a gift for a parent is perhaps one of the easiest gift-giving tasks you could ever wish for as part of the gift-giving ritual we so often subject ourselves to. Why is it easy to source a gift for a parent? Well quite simply because they’ll be happy with anything really. All they’re happy about is the fact that you made the gesture and that alone has them believing that it only comes from a good place.

giving mum a gift I mean why do you reckon what are clearly some hideous drawings you made when you were just above knee-height were kept all this time, some even framed and others put up on the fridge? Seriously, if you were a Picasso we’d all know about it by now, so if your parents could cherish horrible drawings likely depicting them with like 45 teeth, then it says a lot about where the value is in them receiving a gift from you.

If you truly want to make the next gift you give to a parent really thoughtful however, read on for some guidelines.

Make it a Compound Gift

Don’t just show up at the door unannounced, drop the gift off and set off on your way. If you want a gift for a parent to be really thoughtful, make it thoughtful and put a lot of thought into it. This is best achieved by making it a so-called compound gift in that it is comprised out of many different elements. It should at least be comprised out of two events or items which should then form part of an overall experience. So instead of say sending a bunch of flowers, bring the flowers along and then take your parent out for a nice lunch or something.

The flowers thing is just an example — if you’re going to buy them flowers, that can’t be all you’re doing for them as part of their present.

Make the Climax Exclusive

The “compound” present for your parent which is comprised out of at least two elements would then naturally have a “main” component, which is the climax, so to say. Make this part of the compound present exclusive, in other words, it should not be transferable and your parent should not be able to share it. You know how parents are otherwise — they’ll probably try and get you in on the action as well, including your siblings and anyone else who is around if possible. It’s only natural for their nurturing nature to kick in, even at what is clearly the most inopportune of times.

So make the climax of the gift exclusive for them, like perhaps a health and beauty spa treatment voucher which is only to be redeemed by them and nobody else. To solidify the sheer thoughtfulness of the gift, make sure it’s something they would never even think about getting for themselves, but something which they could otherwise really do with, even if and especially if it’s purely for their own enjoyment and relaxation.

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