10 Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

Nobody has absolutely everything in the world — not even the richest of the rich, so yes, there are indeed some gifts that absolutely everybody will love and we’ve tried to steer clear of gender-specific gifts this time. Here are ten of them:

1. A custom pillow. A Custom Photo Body Pillow with the image of their celebrity crush on it can make an interesting gift idea. Everyone has a celebrity crush, even their significant other has to live with the knowledge of it!

../../../Downloads/shutterstock_249882658.jpg 2. A hand-sized projector which can turn their mobile phone or any other media source into a powerful portable cinema.

3. A hot sauce making kit which will have them making their very own restaurant-grade hot sauce right at home for some unique signature dishes.

4. A Game of Thrones envelope opener, because they need to put off opening that important letter for just a few more seconds while running around looking for an envelope opener to end all envelope openers.

5. A mini pie-maker so that they never again have to rush down to the convenience store at midnight when that mysterious craving for a few delectable mini pies hits them hard.

6. A set of “scientific” shot glasses which are shaped like little mixing beakers, to be enjoyed for decoration if your loved one receiving the gift is a non-drinker.

7. A phone magnet set which will allow them to attach their phone or place it anywhere they like, even against the fridge.

8. A palm-sized printer that will take them back to the days of the Polaroid camera, allowing them to print their snaps in no time.

9. A laser-projection virtual keyboard that’ll turn any surface into a full-sized QWERTY keyboard to make the use of any of their devices a real breeze.

../../../Downloads/shutterstock_212346436.jpg 10. A journal, because everybody needs journal, even those of us who don’t know that we needed one all along until someone who loves us actually gets us one.

The truth is that a billionaire could probably buy themselves any of these items on the list, but we’re willing to bet they’ve never even thought about such things and they’d probably not go out and buy them themselves. This list of Christmas gifts absolutely everyone will love takes the idea that it’s the thought that matters to the next level and it really is the thought that counts.

Any one of these gifts demonstrates your astuteness in paying close attention to your loved-one’s life and taking note of the tiniest of details, although many of these are borderline useful, extremely useful or they make for a kind of novelty which is not likely to get old. What you always want to achieve is the formation of a smile when your loved-one periodically comes into contact with your gift to remind them of just how thoughtful and caring you are!

../../../Downloads/shutterstock_435517726.jpgTop Tip: Buy these long before the festive season comes around as they’ll be much cheaper and you’ll also avoid the annual Christmas rush that could have you panicking as to whether or not you’ll have enough time to source a good gift or find the ideal one in stock.

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