10 Gifts No-one Wants for Christmas

Christmas is here, and so is the myriad of gifts that come as a gesture of goodwill. To be honest, with all the Christmases we’ve lived through up until now, you’d think that we’d all be well-versed by now on exactly what is acceptable as Christmas gifts and what is a total no-no.

For instance, if you receive digital gift vouchers (which might have been provided to you by using Gift Card Software) to buy your favourite items or plane tickets to Bali, then perhaps you are the one who has received an acceptable gift.

However, in case your situation is the latter rather than the former, fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon the right bit of information that will help you steer clear of those hideous Christmas gifts that’ll do your relationships more harm than good.

No one likes repeated gifts every Christmas. And, if you happen to be a corporate employer who is planning to spend a dime on these below-mentioned gifts for your employees, then you might want to stop planning now itself. Christmas is the season of sharing meaningful gifts (you can visit this page here for reference). Therefore, you may want to take a read at the below list so that you can have an understanding of what not to buy.

1. Anything With a Visible Christmas Theme

Trust us, it’s really not a good idea, no matter how “festive” and hearty it looks, if it has a Christmas theme or a holiday theme for that matter, it should not be bought and given as a gift.

2. An Addition to the Receiver’s Collection

Look, when someone makes it their hobby or craft to collect something which is likely of sentimental value to them, it’s way too specialised for you to guess what piece they need as an addition.

3. Gifts That Are Really For You

Unless you met her at the stadium, your girlfriend probably doesn’t think the two VIP tickets to the weekend’s match would be the ultimate gift. Buy gifts for the recipient, not for yourself.

4. Stationery

Nobody wants to be reminded about the upcoming grind of the looming New Year, whether it’s somebody who’s going back to their eight to four job or if it’s a kid who’s to start a new school year.

5. Accessories for a Tech Device the Recipient Doesn’t Own

You simply can’t buy an iPod docking station for somebody who doesn’t own an iPod, in the same way you just can’t buy tech accessories and extensions for anyone who doesn’t own the actual gizmo.

6. Socks and Underwear

Unless it’s part of a gift package which has one or more other killer Christmas gifts, socks and undies are a total no-no as Christmas gifts. Seriously, the socks thing surely must have died out a long time ago.

7. A Pet

If it’s something you’ve spoken about for a while and came to a mutual decision on, then a pet is fine for Christmas, otherwise no surprise pets as the responsibility for it will ultimately fall right back on you.

8. Bath Sets & Lotions

lotions & soap

The ladies don’t want bath sets and lotions for Christmas, or ever! Fellas should refrain from picking these out as gifts since the ladies use specific beauty and wellness products the lads will just never understand how it all works.

9. Homemade Gift

Homemade gifts are only cute when you’re four years old, but no drawing of yours is going to be “pretend” appreciated enough to go up on the fridge, held up by magnetic stickers, so no homemade gifts of any sort, even if you’re a craftsman/craftswoman.

10. Gifts Bought From TV Commercials

Need we say more? There’s a reason why those commercials air past midnight when you’re likely drunk because no sober person is going to buy those ridiculously useless products and no sane person would even entertain the prospect of using them.

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