10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Getting a gift for your significant other need not be the headache it’s made out to be and it’s in fact a lot simpler than what we’re led to believe. The secret to it resides in picking out a gift that makes a lasting impact instead of trying to crack your head over the usual clichés. So this means it doesn’t explicitly have to be a physical item, as long as it makes your girlfriend’s life easier in some or other way, including adding a bit of comfort and luxury. Here are 10 ideas to set you well on your way, but remember that these are merely ideas to get the thought process going:

A DVD Box-Set

Sure, there’s Netflix, ShowMax and other on-demand media outlets which she can subscribe to to get her binge-watching fix, but a DVD box set of her favourite TV series of all time will be something to physically treasure.

A Session at the Day / Health & Beauty Spa

You can join your leading lady if you want at the health and beauty spa, but booking her a good pampering is definitely a great gift she will truly appreciate.

A Lap-Dance

Yes, get some male strippers to come and give your girl a little bit of a show she’ll never forget. It’ll only serve to strengthen your relationship and will definitely make for a gift that will linger on in her mind for a long time to come. Join the fun and sit in to make it all the more enjoyable.

A Weekend Away Together

Sure you’ll be going along for the journey, but a nice romantic weekend away together makes for a really nice gift your girlfriend will truly appreciate. It’s nice to have a change of scenery and to relax for a bit, together. And while you’re there, maybe surprise her with some more gifts, like a custom t-shirt quilt from Memory Stitch or a similar company, that can have her favorite (old) t-shirts made into a nice, cozy blanket. Imagine cuddling in it together come night time!

Bedroom Toys

Adult toys are meant to be bought for your significant other, so dive right in, browse sex toys from Kandid, and buy her a couple. She may not have ever thought to buy them herself, but they’ll be appreciated coming from you. It can show her that you’re thinking of her in more ways than one and you respect her sexual desires. Additionally, you can also buy a sex toy that can be used to fulfill her sexual fantasies. For instance, you could look for the likes of a Starpery doll if she has a threesome fantasy, or ballgag and handcuffs if she is into roleplay.

A Fancy Dinner Date

We may be dabbling in a bit of what would be referred to as clichés with this gift, but if it’s a fancy dinner date unlike the dinner dates you regularly have, if any, then it will be appreciated.

Solve for X

Although this is perhaps the ultimate gift of love, it shouldn’t be unaccompanied by another gift, but what this essentially means is that you should take a really close look at your girlfriend’s life and really try to figure out something she could really use to make it easier or more comfortable. It could be as simple as oiling her rusty lock so she doesn’t have to struggle to open it each day, but to avoid coming across as cheap, complement this with another gift.

Keys to Your Apartment

This doesn’t have to symbolise that next big step of moving in together, but could rather just allow her the access she requires to your apartment anytime, for “convenience.” It’s perhaps the ultimate act of trust and transparency shown.

A Shopping Spree

You have to have the budget for it of course, but go shopping with her and tag along just this once. The idea is that she can then pick out the perfect gift for herself, courtesy of her loving boyfriend of course.

A Handbag and a Pair of Shoes

Perhaps a duo of items which make for another cliché, but a well-received cliché nonetheless, a handbag and/or a pair of shoes makes for some gift items you can never go wrong with, with the only headache being that of picking the right handbag and the right pair of shoes.

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