10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Getting a gift for your significant other need not be the headache it’s made out to be and it’s in fact a lot simpler than what we’re led to believe. The secret to it resides in picking out a gift that makes a lasting impact instead of trying to crack your head over the usual clichés. So this means it doesn’t explicitly have to be a physical item, as long as it makes your girlfriend’s life easier in some or other way, including adding a bit of comfort and luxury. Here are 10 ideas to set you well on your way, but remember that these are merely ideas to get the thought process going:

A DVD Box-Set

Sure, there’s Netflix, ShowMax and other on-demand media outlets which she can subscribe to to get her binge-watching fix, but a DVD box set of her favourite TV series of all time will be something to physically treasure.

A Session at the Day / Health & Beauty Spa

You can join your leading lady if you want at the health and beauty spa, but booking her a good pampering is definitely a great gift she will truly appreciate.

A Lap-Dance

Yes, get some male strippers to come and give your girl a little bit of a show she’ll never forget. It’ll only serve to strengthen your relationship and will definitely make for a gift that will linger on in her mind for a long time to come. Join the fun and sit in to make it all the more enjoyable.

A Weekend Away Together

Sure you’ll be going along for the journey, but a nice romantic weekend away together makes for a really nice gift your girlfriend will truly appreciate. It’s nice to have a change of scenery and to relax fo