Gifts To Splurge On

If money is no object to you or you think that the special someone in your life deserves to be spoilt, then here are a few ideas that hopefully give you inspiration for that gift.

Food Lovers

food hamper

For the food lover, a luxurious food hamper can set you back from 30 to 250 depending on how much you want to spend or how luxurious you want the hamper to be, there’ll be an option that suits what you’re looking for. The more expensive hampers usually include bottles of Champagne and luxurious boxes of chocolates and cheeses. Some can be expensive because they are cocktail hampers and include bottles of alcohol needed to create classic cocktails. Alternatively, if you wanted to spend a bit of money on a gift, a foodie may appreciate a food class if they’re into cooking their meals or a food experience if they prefer to taste different kinds of food rather than make it. Depending on the area and how many people it’s for then these can range from 70- 150.

Music Lovers

record player

Music barely costs anything nowadays with the use of streaming services and youtube, however, there’s nothing like the classic sound of vinyl and that’s why the Bluetooth LP Record Player. Setting you back around $100 may be the way to go, because not only can you play vinyl, but you can stream it to Bluetooth speakers as well as being able to convert it to digital files to take with you on the move. Perhaps you could buy your loved one a Custom Kalimba Thumb Piano or similar instrument. They’ll love the thought you have put into the gift and appreciate the musical theme! If the music lover is an instrument player or singer, paying for a recording session so that they can feel like an actual pop/rock star would be something they would remember for a long time. This can cost anything from 70 plus, depending on how many people and which company you choose to use. In addition to instruments, there are also a variety of accessories you can check out, such as drum wraps. Depending on the user’s preferences, you can choose from wood, camouflage, bark, or metal. For a vague understanding of these products, you can also visit sites like, where you might get to choose your desired gift.

Movie Lovers

super 8 camera

The entertainment buff in your life is used to spending ridiculous amounts at the cinema so a thoughtful gift to them may be a cinema pass card that allows them to visit the cinema as many times as they like for a whole year. Costing up to 18 a month depending on the cinema, this is an expensive option but would be a heavily appreciated one. Like the food lover, you could gift them a ‘movie night hamper’ that includes everything they need for a good night in, a list of the best movies from their favorite genre (you can refer to sites like hell horror if necessary), DVDs, beer, and sweets, again this can be as expensive as you want it to be. If your entertainment lover is a movie buff, then splurging on a classic Super 8 Camera can put you in their good books as not only are they cool to look at and use, but they allow your entertainment lover to become a superstar director for 5 minutes setting you back around 100- 200.

Book Lovers

book on a page

Books aren’t generally overly expensive unless you want to pay for extremely old first editions of books, however, you could buy your book lover a classical book hamper costing around 70, which includes individually wrapped books making it a literary treasure chest. If you want something simpler, and a tad more personalized, then a ‘Book On A Page‘ print of your bookworms favourite book may be the way to go. Costing around 50, they can come in all kinds of styles to suit your recipient. If you really want to go all out, then you could gift jewelry to your book lover, however not just ordinary jewelry, but a ‘Once Upon A Time Locket’ costing around 120, this can be personalized with both your names as it begins as a love story, a trinket that is worth keeping.

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