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When it comes to gift giving, no matter what time of the year we can usually feel the strain on our purse or wallet. Even if you’re not feeling the pinch, these ideas are great for secret Santa gifts, stocking fillers or little bits of gifts to go along with what you’ve already bought. Hopefully, you’ll gain inspiration from these gifts below, no matter what kind of person you’re buying for.

For the Food Lover, there are plenty of basic, inside the box things to buy, like salt and pepper shakers or a peppercorn mill but one thing food lovers like to do, is to eat, so why not make your gift and give it to them. This can be as cheap as you’d like it to be. Cakes, pastries, jams and chutneys are some of the simplest and basic things you can make but dressed in the right jar, you’ve got a thoughtful and tasty gift that’s probably cost you less than £5.

For the Music Lover in our lives, even a pair of themed headphones can be as cheap as £5, they may not be the best quality, but who could resist a pair of earphones with cute kitties on them or the Batman symbol? This gift shows you’ve thought about their interests at least. Another gift, which is more personal, would be a poster or a print of their favourite music lyrics, that’s if you know it, or even a print of the lyrics of a song that reminds you of them. From bigger companies, this can be more expensive but smaller companies on eBay or Amazon can do these for under £10. Also, personalised musical notebooks are also a cute alternative for around the £8 mark with covers that have their name along with gold discs or a Les Paul guitar on them.

novelty earphones

The book lover is generally the quietest one, especially if they’ve always got a book on them that they’d rather read. Like the music lover, a good gift to give may be a poster of their favourite quote from a book, this is thoughtful and could also mean a lot to them if the quote is personal. You can also buy reading journals for under £10 that allows the bookworm to keep track of what they’ve read, allowing them to rate the book and write a mini review of what they thought. This would be a good gift if your book lover is overly opinionated about what they have been reading. An obvious but thoughtful alternative option would be to get a personalised bookmark, these can be as cheap as you like, with a lot of different companies offering their take on the gift and this way they’ll always be reminded of you when they next read a book.

reading journal

For the entertainment lover who you can’t seem to prize away from the cinema or the Tv, here are a few options that don’t break the bank if you’re looking for a gift for them. Getting them their favourite movie poster is always an option, alternative movie posters are also a good option and they wouldn’t cost you more than £10 maximum. An outside the box approach would be a personalised clapper board, which would only set you back around £10-£15 if you wanted to spend that little bit extra or even a funky pop figure of their favourite movie or tv character, they’re fun and only cost around £8 or £5 for the keyring alternative.

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