What To Pack In A Food Hamper

Food hampers are one of the more traditional gifts to give. You can stick to the traditional kind of food hampers, ones that you see floating around at Christmas in stores or you can mix it up, personalising it to tailor your recipient. Generally, as long as the food won’t go out of date or go bad straight away, you’re probably on to a winner.

Traditional Food Hampers

There’s nothing wrong with going traditional, the point of a food hamper is to pack a bunch of tasty goodies that either make a whole meal or it can be a bit of everything for the recipient to snack on.

Cheese is always a good place to start. I don’t mean a bit of cheddar, go for a camembert, Wensleydale or even a bit of stilton. Classic cheese that people don’t buy regularly puts a bit of edge into the hamper.

Chutney or jams are also a good way to go. They keep for a long time and the good stuff if you’re pushing the boat out, can be special. Chutney and cheese is a great match and is a classic food hamper staple.

individual cheesecake

Biscuits and especially crackers are a welcome accompaniment to cheese and chutney, so finding a good box of either, or both, really rounds off the gift. An extra snack could also be premium crisps, like Kettle Chips to really fill the hamper out.

Fudge doesn’t have to be expensive but feels luxurious, as well as savoury, the hamper needs to have a bit of sweetness in it to really bring it all together.

Wine is probably the best way to go alcohol-wise when it comes to a traditional hamper. Not only because it goes with cheese but because there are so many options to suit not only the person receiving the hamper but the wallet of the person building it.

Alternative Hampers

Chilli Sauce Hamper

Creating the perfect chili sauce hamper is an art that combines heat, flavor, and a touch of culinary excitement. Imagine delighting the taste buds with a carefully curated selection of artisanal hot sauces that cater to every spice enthusiast’s palate.

Whether you choose hot sauce box from a chilli company or decide to make your own, make sure it has a variety of options, from the smoky intensity of chipotle-infused sauces to the fiery kick of habanero blends. Enhance the experience by including unique flavors such as mango or garlic-infused chili sauces, providing a balance of sweetness and heat.

To complement these bold flavors, throw in some complementary snacks like tortilla chips, cheesy nachos, and perhaps even a jar of pickled jalapeƱos for an extra zing. A chili sauce hamper is not just a collection of condiments; it’s a culinary journey that will elevate any food lover’s dining experience.

Afternoon Tea Hamper

An afternoon tea hamper is a cute and more focused alternative to the traditional hamper. If the person you are gifting this to loves tea, then this may be the ideal one to give them.

Tea bags are an obvious choice, but why not fill out the hamper with a few boxes of top rooibos tea instead of sticking to the traditional Tetley’s? There are so many brands that can cater to this demand.

Alternatively, you can look for different flavored teas. They are quite the trend at the current time. Twinings and even Tesco Extra Special have a variety of different flavours to choose from so you can really personalise the hamper. Williamson Tea does amazing blends and they come in the cutest elephant jars!

nice tea

Macaroons and biscuits have got to be a staple when it comes to this kind of hamper, there’s nothing better than dunking a biscuit into a nice cup of tea. Macaroons look delicate and dainty which is what afternoon tea is all about.

You can fill this hamper out more with other sweet treats or you could include a bottle of fizz for that special touch or even the ingredients to the person’s favourite cocktail so that they can have a tipple with their tea.

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