Choosing the Perfect Flowers

Flowers are the universal gift that is given to say so many different things and depending on the situation its best to get it right the first time so that you can really get that message across, especially if it’s an apology.

Firstly, you’ve got to ask yourself what is the occasion or what are the flowers actually for? If they’re for general home decoration then I’d suggest just going off colour and matching them to the style of your living room, but if you want to go a bit more in-depth with the gift you are giving, it’s best to know the situation. Peonies and roses are the most romantic in flowers, whereas daisies and babies breath are more casual flowers, great for birthdays and anniversaries.

The time of year can play a part in what flowers you buy. In spring and summer, pinks, yellows and white flowers are the brightest and happiest you’ll find peonies, daisies, chrysanthemums and tulips in bouquets around this time of year. Luckily, these kinds of flowers usually come in a variety of different colours, so they aren’t necessarily just limited to this time of year.

Autumnal colours are more romantic, but generally, there is less choice of flower at this time of year. The more festive flowers like the poinsettia is casual but a beautiful and cheap gift that you can give a loved one or friend. Red roses are the cliché gift giving flowers, but anyone who has accepted a bunch of roses has always been in complete awe and they are the perfect romantic gift for a loved on.

If the person you’re gifting the flowers to has a favourite flower, then you’re well on your way in finding the best bouquet to buy them, if you’re unsure, then you can’t go wrong with a bouquet mix. Even supermarkets nowadays have decently sized (and priced) bouquets of flowers that last a while and don’t look like you’ve gone to a garden and plucked yourself, just remember to take the price tag off. If you’re wanting to find beautiful flowers for possibly even cheaper prices, you should be able to find the best discount codes at or similar sites that can allow you to select a favourite arrangement of flowers for the special person.

Gifting flowers have a deeper meaning in itself, and you should keep that in mind while purchasing one. Take your time selecting the right flower, be it online or from your local florist. If you are from Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, flower delivery services like Floral Hub might be more to your liking. Each flower can represent something, so before you order one, learn more about them. Here are a few examples of beautiful flowers with their meanings.

Roses and Tulips – Both symbolise love with the tulip meaning ‘a declaration of love’ or ‘perfect love’ so these are definitely options if you’re buying for a loved one. In that regard, you can also choose to gift them special roses that can last for years (you can buy forever roses with global shipping here). These flowers tend to go through a special preservation process that enables them to last for a long time. Gifting such flowers to your loved one can make them feel special and can help you strengthen your relationship as well.

Sunflower – This bold flower symbolises ‘pure thought’ and ‘adoration’ so these flowers may be best for someone that you look up to.

Statice and Poppies – Both are generally used to symbolise remembrance and so given what kind of situation it may be worth including these in a bouquet if visiting a cemetery or funeral.

Lilies and Carnations – Although lilies are thought to symbolise death, along with carnations they actually symbolise beauty and so this may be a bunch of flowers that you’d gift the special ladies in your life.


Hopefully, you’re more aware of what to look out for when buying flowers for that special someone and hopefully you’ll be able to tell them how much they are appreciated without even having to open your own mouth. Just remember, it’s not always about spending the most amount of money, flowers can have other meanings.

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