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Depending on how close you are to the tech geek you’re giving a gift to, or how much you want to spend on the perfect present for them, then here are a few ideas and unique gifts that you can give (or buy and keep for yourself) that they would love.

Big Money

The more expensive gifts on these lists do have a pretty big price tag, but when you think about how cool they are, surely they’re worth it?

Levitate 2.0 speaker. Setting you back around £90-100 this has all the capabilities that you’d want an ordinary Bluetooth speaker to have. It allows hands-free calling if you get an unexpected call, alternative input methods for different devices. But the coolest thing about this gift is the mere fact that it levitates. It is suspended in the air and even charges wirelessly whilst it levitates. It is the coolest speaker to look at and although there are slightly cheaper alternatives, nothing is as sleek in design as this one.

3Doodler 3D Pen. A bit of a pinch at £100 but when you think about what this pen is allowing you to do, it’s a gift that shouts ‘the future is now’. The 3Doodler allows you to do exactly what you think…draw in real life. The pen comes with ‘ink’ which is coloured plastic that becomes flexible in the pen allowing you to draw and mold, bringing your pictures to life. Think of a small scale 3D printer, but your hand and imagination have the controls.


Laser Keyboard. This can cost as little as £30 but as much as £70 for the better models but basically they do the same thing. A small box that doubles up as a portable charger, with USB ports so that you can charge your mobile devices also becomes a laser projector connecting to your device, projecting a keyboard onto whatever surface you put it on, making typing more mobile. It’s a very cool concept, especially for those who need to write back longer emails on the go.

Little Money

If spending a lot of money is not really your thing, or you’re just looking for a stocking filler, secret Santa or small gift for your tech-loving friend, then here are a few ideas that won’t hurt your bank account.

Popsocket Gadget Holder.  Costing only £5-£10, this nifty little gadget makes it easier for people constantly on their phones, to keep hold of them. Acting as a comfortable handle at the back of phones or tablets, it allows fingers to rest around it, helping it to not slip through the fingers of the holder. Useful.

Animal Speakers. £8-£10. This is a cute little gift that really comes in handy on picnic weather days or on days when you’ve forgotten your portable speaker. These can attach to keyrings, making them the most portable speakers you can find, they pack a little bit of a punch as well when it comes to volume.

keyring speaker

Key finders. Up to £5. Do you have that one friend that is constantly losing their keys? Or are you that person? This nifty little keyring can hook up to your phone or an alternative remote depending on which model you want to buy and it can help you locate your keys, with noise and flashing lights. A very helpful and useful bit of gadgetry.

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