10 gifts to buy a bingo fan

Bingo is one of the nation’s favourite games, with fans flocking to bingo game halls UK wide.

So what do you get a bingo fan as a gift? Their very own set of bingo balls? No of course not! We found some gifts that are far better. Small trinkets that any bingo fan would be chuffed to receive. 

Bingo Bracelet

Why not let you friend or significant other, enter the bingo halls in style by adding a bit of sparkle. Priced at £9.75, this charming bracelet Bingo Creations comes in a variety of white, red, blue and pink crystals displayed inside a heart with a “Bingo” banner placed over the centre. This beautiful design also comes as a necklace and earrings. 

Bingo Earrings

Following on from the jewellery trend we present these cut bingo theme earrings. Priced at just £1.53 from Moonflower Treasures you have the choice of wearing these as clip on earrings or as a trinket you can attached to your keys or bracelet. 

Bingo Corset

This is for the true load and proud bingo fan. This corset is made in a bingo themed novelty cotton, backed onto white cotton with clear PVC pockets holding decorative cards, poker chips and bingo counters. Priced at £61.26 from Side Show Alley 

Bingo Dog Collar

If your friend is mad about bingo and happens to have a dog why not blend the two and share their hobby with their favourite pooch. This Bingo themed dog collar from Rescue Me Collars features images of bingo cards and bingo markers. It comes in a range of sizes as well as the option of having a custom order and starts from £12.99. 

Bingo Bag

Never forget your dabber again! With your very own Bingo Tote Bag. This handmade quilted bag from Kelley’s Creations is 15.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall. Priced at £35.57, it has plenty of internal storage with spaces for game cards, dabbers, pens, and other necessitates.


Wooden Cufflinks

Something for the boys this time. If you’re after cufflinks that will set your friend, family member or significant other apart and show off his personality then these custom bingo cufflinks are just the thing for you. From Quirky Cuffs are carefully handmade and made to order. Priced at £16.16 these cufflinks come in a vintage tin are guaranteed to set him apart from the rest and start up a conversation. 

Personalised Bingo Cards

Want to host your own bingo party and keep it personal? These personal bingo cards should do the trick. With a personal bingo card you have complete creative freedom, on what the event shall be, the theme as well as the contents within the grid. BlizzyBingo are selling 30 personalised bingo cards for £10.96 but you always have the option of creating your own from scratch. 

Badges and Fridge Magnets

What’s the easiest way to show you appreciate something? Easy, a badge. Having a badge is an easy way to show your appreciation for your favourite game either at the halls or at home. Badge Bliss are giving you the option of purchasing two pinback bingo badges or two fridge magnets starting at £2.82. They come in a range of styles and colours and can be shipped worldwide.

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