Agent Istanbul Slot Review

There are several games dedicated to secret missions but none of them offers an experience makes you witness the political unrest in Istanbul, Turkey. Agent Istanbul is developed by Merkur Gaming and gives you instant access to witness the showdown between East and West.  Though you won’t be able to witness the landmarks of the city explicitly yet the game will take you on a ride to remember.

The slot games

The game gives you a tour of the night life in Istanbul while you solve mysteries and catch criminals.  If you are a fan of classic detective movies then you will indulge deep into the dark backdrop, blunt music, and the feeling of being in a hostile situation.  If you end up with three consecutive similar symbols then you will get the reward. The grand total is calculated after the machine multiplies the line bet by line wins. All the winning combinations are paid from left towards right.  The game also offers free spins up to 50 times which are of great help in keeping the accounts checked.

The Design

Though the RTP of the game is a humble 95.75% yet it offers more than just the statistics. The game has 5 reels in its machine with 10 lines with the normal downward movement. The graphics of the game are more towards the new age advanced slots with animation and sound that increase the fun. The game is preferable for novice players who are more interested in having a good time or for those who are still learning the tricks of the game.

It is easy to play and gives you more than required chances to win. You can still win up to $10,000 and can bet as low as $0.01. The top paying symbol is the dock which serves as a jackpot. If you are fortunate enough to get 5 docks then you will be having 5000x per line. The game also gives the players to enhance the risk factor by playing the card and ladder game. In case you win with this option applied you will be getting the double amount in any case.

You will need to allot time to understand all the rules of the game. As soon as you get the grasp of the symbols you will hardly find any difficulty in the game. The 5 reels have 13 slates with a wild symbol to turn things interesting. But, you must in cash each pay line as it has less than 20.


  • Sounds- The audio of the game stands out to give you an authentic experience of the dark world. These sounds will stick to your head and if you find them irritating they can always be muted.
  • Money matters- You can take your winning amount from your account at any moment by the method that fits you. You can use any debit or credit card for the transaction. PayPal is also acceptable with Skrill and Neteller.
  • Free spins- The free spins option always comes handy to increase your winning amount more than 50 times.


Agent Istanbul is a solid game for newbie players and casual players alike but it does not have the charm to appeal the professional players. This game can surely give you a merry time every now and then.

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