Top 5 Gift Ideas For Your Significant other:

Shopping for that special person in your life can be difficult sometimes- almost as hard as finding preowned cars in burleson. This is exceptionally hard if you feel like you have already bought them everything you can think of. This article is going to outline some pretty important gift ideas for 2017, which most likely you haven’t thought of yet… yes, they are that good.

For instance, if you have gotten engaged recently, you can look for personalised engagement gifts like scented candles with a slogan and your names on them. You can pack it yourself to give it a personal touch. Moreover, you can also decide depending on what your significant other likes to do in their spare time, this list will attract something for everyone and will not take a lot of your time doing so!

  1. Make Your Own Travel Kit

This kit will include anything from delicious smelling tanning oil to a new backpack, towel, sunglasses, hat, sandals, bikini, swim shorts, gum for the plane, candy, water bottle, plane tickets, hotel stays, whatever you like that is related to traveling. You could even get Personalized Photo Blankets to take on the plane/car/train with you! If your person likes to travel, this gift would exceed their expectations.

  1. A Jar filled with 365 Love Notes

Who doesn’t love being told they are beautiful, and caring, and supportive and whatever you tell your lover on a daily basis. By creating a jar with 365 different love notes created by their one and only, this gives that person the chance to open up one of your notes, during a time they feel they need too! This doesn’t mean you can stop telling them how you feel in person though.

  1. Create Your Own Scrapbook

Sometimes putting in that extra effort to show your significant other just how much they mean to you will go farther than you think! It’s worth the effort. By creating your own scrapbook, showcasing everything important that has happened throughout your relationship, would be a great keepsake for the rest of your lives. This is a neat idea to do every year; to show each other everything that you have accomplished in that year together.

  1. Dance Lessons Or Music Lessons

Finding time to focus on each other can be very hard sometimes with work. You often get caught up with everything going on around you that you forget to focus on the two of you in the moment. Considering learning a new dance or a new musical instrument would be a fun gift idea. What about learning how to play organ together or learning how to salsa… You can set up your own home studio for dancing and learning organ with the proper lighting and furniture (such as organ benches). This is a different kind of gift but would make a fun date night once a week and something that you could show off to your friends and family members. Don’t forget if you plan on getting married or attending a wedding in the future, this gift could pay off.

  1. Pay For A Parking Spot For 1 Year

Depending on the circumstance, if your significant other lives in the city and has to pay for parking everyday, this would be a good opportunity to rent a parking spot for them for one month or one year. This way they would be covered for when they get to work or when they get back home, depending on where you would want to reserve the spot. This gift is a little different than the traditional wrapped present. It shows that you went the extra mile to think of something that they not necessarily need but would appreciate.

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