Exploring VR as a Base Gift Idea

I may be invoking this saying for deployment in its misused form, but whatever, it works in any case and that is how some gifts are indeed gifts that keep on giving. In other words you get what I like to refer to as base gifts, which are gift items that pretty much have you sorted by way of gift-giving for the next few years to come.

Not too long ago and for a very long time over the years, perhaps the perfect example of one of these ‘base’ gifts was indeed that of a gaming console. The likes of the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox come to mind as some popular choices, so too Nintendo’s GameCube for a little while, all of which made for great ‘base’ gifts because you essentially buy it once and then every time the next gifting season comes along again you just ‘top it up’ with the latest release game. The boys (this includes all the men as well) throughout my entire extended family are all very easy to please in that regard since all they really want is the latest release of FIFA, with one or two singing the praises of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) as their preference over the wildly popular FIFA, so I must say that we’ve been lucky in that regard since gift-giving is a real breeze as a result.

We’re about to get a whole lot luckier though because in addition to gaming consoles showing no signs of letting up by way of the preferred mode of entertainment among the lads (and among a growing list of ladies as well), every few years or so all the lads really need by way of a gift is perhaps the latest version of their favourite gaming console. So that’s why we have the PS4 right now, while gaming is taking on a completely different turn with the re-introduction of VR (Virtual Reality), this time it appears, for keeps!

But what is Virtual Reality exactly? It’s a near-perfect gift idea – that’s what it is, but to explore what VR is from a little bit more of a technical point of view, it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

Virtual Reality is reality that has been digitised, which means that you pop on a pair of special VR glasses and get to enjoy all manner of virtual experiences as if you were in the actual environment being simulated in this way.

So what does this mean for the otherwise dreaded gift-giving ritual? It means you can buy him a pair of VR glasses, no doubt setting you back a pretty penny at the current prices, but what this also means is that for the foreseeable future you can just top things up by way of gifts related to the use of these VR glasses.

Gaming in particular is going virtual with VR, so too the likes of movies and television shows, some of which media is even being re-released in 3-D to be enjoyed as part of the VR revolution.

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