Weighted Blanket – A Perfect Idea For Christmas Gift

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is coming. And, apart from considering it as a nice way to spend some time with your family and friends, you need to think about gifts – and sometimes it could be a nightmare. Choosing a thing that would meet someone’s needs and requirements and same way keep them happy, therefore make them satisfied with what they got, is not the easiest nut to crack. You start thinking – if there is any gift in the world that would make everyone happy? Well, there are a few, and one of them could be a weighted blanket. Seriously! Read our article to find out why it could be a perfect gift for someone you love. But to start with this hassle, it is essential to find out…

…what is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is just a heavier type of blanket that may be used to help people recover or help with some disorders and psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, insomnia or anger. The typical weight of a weighted blanket varies from 4 up to 14 kilograms and the final weight depends on a few factors: the weight of the person that the blanket is for and the chosen size of the blanket. It is believed that the optimal weight is more or less 10% of your body weight, however there are people who like even heavier blankets.

This kind of blanket is often much heavier than a comparably-sized blanket or duvet, and the additional weight is used to provide the “earthing” and “grounding” effect on the body, by pushing down on it during sleep or relax. Reducing stress and anxiety has never been easier and quicker – with a weighted blankets you sometimes need only a few moments to start feeling better.

Why buying a weighted blanket for Christmas is a good idea?

  • it is NOT an usual gift at all. You are really likely to amaze a particular receiver with your gift and make them curious why you chose it, and this is what Christmas gifts are about, right?
  • it balances the levels of hormones: stress-related cortisol, sleep-related melatonin – a hormone that is to help to control the body’s wake and sleep cycles, and chemical serotonin that is responsible for regulating a person’s mood and easing relaxation. Numerous and prestigious studies claim that weighted blankets can visibly help in keeping hormones on track
  • it provides with a lot of comfortable feeling to the final user and could stimulate the feeling of being cuddled or hugged, so it affects the emotional side. It is simply intended to feel like getting a hug and to comfort the person.
  • it helps with insomnia – not only with falling asleep, but also with staying asleep that may be even a bigger problem when it comes to loss of sleep. By reducing stress and keeping the balance of hormones, it is possible to sleep peacefully and ease tension in the mind. The quality of sleep is improved therefore the person seems to feel better for the rest of the day. This is managed directly through the production of serotonin and melatonin and indirectly due to stress-reducing effects of a weighted blanket, described in points above. Anxiety blankets are therefore recommended as a simple solution for anyone suffering with loss of sleep to help them to overcome problems without the need for any medication or other treatments – and without the mess of looking for some medical care or risking the possible side-effects of taking medicines to heal and ease the pain.
  • it is a great solution for stiff and sore body that encounters a lot of physical activity. Muscle ache is not a pleasure, and thanks to weighted blankets the pain can be eased and lactic acid can be rapidly metabolized that helps you avoid soreness more quickly. A weighted blanket can be a tool for the assistance of recovering the muscles after exercise, so it seems to be a perfect gift for athletes, footballers or just gym attendees.
  • it is a perfect gift for each and every age – could help with Alzheimer’s disorders, Parkinson’s disorders, menopause anxiety, ADHD disorders, Autism disorders, Asperger’s disorders and Sensory Disorders of any kind (thanks to increasing Serotonin and Melatonin levels overnight)
  • it could be a gift both for adults and for children – remember about all of the factors to consider while buying a weighted blanket
  • everyone is in danger of encountering some anger, insomnia, stress, overworking or overtraining and anxiety – and while for some an anxiety blanket may be a companion on a daily basis, for others it could be just a temporary tool for bad days
  • you can customize it so it could meet your receiver’s needs – as for design, pattern or weight

Weighted blankets are not widely-known yet, but those who already use them can see a lot of benefits. Reducing stress or insomnia, increasing levels of hormones that you care about, helping with some muscle pain and just providing with a good, relaxing feeling really matters to users, so an anxiety blanket as a Christmas gift may be worth considering. It’s always better than another mug or pair of socks, isn’t it?

Courtney Lee

I'm Courtney Lee and I love nothing more than shopping around and finding the best deals. I like all things beautiful and live with my cats and partner in a leafy suburb - living the dream!
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Courtney Lee

I'm Courtney Lee and I love nothing more than shopping around and finding the best deals. I like all things beautiful and live with my cats and partner in a leafy suburb - living the dream!

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