3 Things That Change After You Turn 30

Your twenties are the decade that you spend figuring it all out. From basics like how to do your taxes, pay your own rent, and figure out how a washing machine cycle works. You’re technically an adult, but more often than not with very little obligations or pressure.

Once this decade of trial and error ends, you enter your 30’s: the second stage of your adulthood. Here’s what you can expect.

You Start Thinking About Buying a House

While you may have spent your 20’s living with roommates, crashing on your parent’s couch or maybe even having a modest apartment to yourself, your 30’s are a time when you start thinking about bigger options.

The older that we get, the more we start to desire greater comforts and security. Often in our 30’s we start realizing that buying a home could be a great milestone. Not only does it provide a great investment which you can potentially make money on at a later time, but you are able to have the pride of knowing that you own your own home.

Suddenly you find yourself looking at the real estate section of the newspaper which you had never even noticed before or reading up resources pages such as https://capstonedirect.com/resources/fha-loans/ to find ways you can kickstart this dream. You find yourself looking at property values in the area and before you know it, you’re signing your first mortgage.

You Can’t Party Like You Used To

Drinking a few beers in your 20’s meant you could still wake up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed without blinking an eye. If you had a coffee past 5pm you could still easily fall asleep whenever you wanted to.

However, as your body gets older, the more sensitive it becomes to whatever you put into it. Suddenly those few casual beers turn into a throbbing head in the morning as you drag your feet to work. And you can forget about any caffeine after 2pm otherwise you’ll be awake in your bed with insomnia pondering the creation of the universe.

You Start Thinking About Family

Since so many people in our society are starting to make families in their 30’s, it’s very common to start finding yourself thinking about creating a family if you haven’t already created one. The idea of having kids which used to make you have to start breathing into a paper bag now brings a smile to your face.

You start thinking about having little ones to look after and enjoy big Christmases with. You start looking at the person you’re dating as more than just a casual fling and wondering if they are “spouse material.”

Suddenly being an adult no longer feels like some scary dark tunnel but more of a new golden road ahead of you.

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