Just the two of you this Christmas!

Festive season is about to start. We are all busy looking for last minute gifts, cooking and preparing traditional dishes, cleaning our houses so our mother-in-law can think that we are able to take care of her beloved son, even though he is more than adult and should be able to take good care of himself. We drive ourselves into a frenzy, because we want this Christmas to be perfect, we want to satisfy everyone around. Sad news is, we can’t make everyone happy. There will always be this one person who doesn’t like our roasted turkey or thinks that our Xmas decorations suck. The good news is, we can make us happy. So, let’s stop for a while, sit in a quiet place, breath in and breath out couple of times. Just relax and think of what would make you happy this time of year? Maybe you’d love to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve with just one person you love the most, without all these uncles and aunties that get on your nerves? If so, just do it. After all, our life here on Earth is not a punishment for former sins.

Make this Christmas the time of your dreams.

You can really spend this year’s Christmas the way you want, with your partner. Decorate your house as usual, wrap your presents and put them under Xmas tree. You can wear whatever you like to feel comfortable. You may wear elegant clothes, as though you were going for a family dinner and just spice them up with sexy lingerie or accessories like those that you can find here https://shopusa.bijouxindiscrets.com/collections/lingerie-accessories. Make sure you feel like celebrating. Put on a lace bra with demi cups and matching panties and hide it under a nice dress. When the time is right you will easily slip out of the dress showing your sexy lingerie to your partner and making him the happiest man alive. You can also find something more festive; choose hot and sexy thong made of fabulous lace, with shining adornment on the front and tempting cut above derriere. Pair it with alluring bra and seductive garter belt to make you look and feel simply gorgeous. If you need some inspiration while choosing sexy lingerie for Christmas just go to https://obsessive.com/euro_en/products and shop till you drop.

If you don’t want to wear any elegant clothes, surprise your partner showing up at the dinner table dressed in alluring chemise and stilettos. It can be made of glossy and very smooth material, with sensuous lacy neckline adorned with intriguing motifs. Such combination highlighting your curves is perfect for a sexy lady like you. Give your man a lovely massage set, including scented candles and aroma oils so you both can enjoy it right after your dinner.

New Year’s Eve party for two.

How about a new tradition to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one? Instead of going out with group of friends, make it a night worth remembering. Just you, him and plenty of amazing sensations. This is how memories are made. Wear an adorable chemise and stockings, follow your fantasies and… there’s no doubt it’s going to be one of your best nights! Enjoy it together! Sexy and comfortable lingerie (like those on this webpage) could highlight your feminine curves and make his heart race. So, choose something that makes you feel incredibly sexy and hot. If you feel like spicing it up in bed, you could also learn new positions, different ways to be intimate, and push the limits of your sex life. A little time spent watching videos on websites such as Tube v Sex and others should help you find plenty of new ideas. It’s a big night, after all, so you should be able to make it one that’s worth remembering.

New Year’s Eve for two is simple to prepare. Just choose your outfit, get some champagne and snacks and off you go. You will feel like a real-life princess, wearing sexy lingerie, like fiery red, satin chemise perfectly fitting to your body. Lace decorations will highlight your perfect cleavage and encourage your man to play. Being together on New Year’s Eve is special, it takes your relation to the whole new level of closeness. After such a kick-start the upcoming year is really going to be awesome!

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