Outstanding dental products and services

Dave’s Denture is a really special place on the map of Nottingham. The centre provides a range of top quality, excellent dental products. One of them is called Go Easy, which is intended for cleaning the dentures. This revolutionary mixture does not contain the bleach, which makes dentures weaker and causes the porosity of materials, which can result in the development of bacteria and plaque. The product is completely environmentally – friendly and has been thoroughly clinically tested. In addition, it can be easily open and poured, which makes it a great solution for anyone suffering from arthritis.

It is worth to visit the center in case of problems with your denture, no matter if it has been cracked, damages or a new false tooth has to be replaced or added. The technician will examine the problem and propose the most suitable solution free of charge. The repair service will be delivered in just 48 hours together with a solution for cleaning the denture, which is included in the price. The main advantages of the solution include preventing the development of plaque in which the bacteria grow and removes stain which emerges as a result of drinking tea, coffee or smoking cigarettes.

Dentist to door

Anyone who is disabled or housebound for any other reason knows how difficult it is to be provided with certain services. And usually it is very difficult to be transported to the place where a service is rendered or it may be even dangerous. Fortunately, Dave’s Dentures – http://www.davesdentures.uk has mobile specialists, who are willing to visit the patients at their home. They can visit patients in private or nursing homes, hospitals group homes in Nottingham, Grantham and Sleaford. The services are provided quickly and efficiently in the comfort of the patient’s home. Due to the fact that the examination and treatment is carried out in a place, where the patient feels safe, the visit is less stressful, which allows to avoid panic attacks and dental anxiety. Home service is provided seven days a week by a specially dedicated team, who treats every patient individually, and knows how to meet their special requirements.

The products and bespoke services provided by Dave’s Dentures are appreciated by many satisfied customers, whose testimonials prove that the visit at the center is an amazing experience.

Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee

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