Gifts That Cost You Nothing but are Worth Lots

Here’s the deal – if there are any people in your life you’d claim to be your closest allies, a simple test of whether that view of them is reciprocated on their part is to shine a light on the gift-giving practices which exist between yourselves. It’s not so much a matter of an existence of a gift-giving tradition signifying a strong bond, but rather a case of the general feeling induced by it.

Unless they’re a six-year-old child of course, your loved-one should never put you in a position that makes you feel like you have to get them a present for their birthday or any other significant time in their lives. This goes both ways – nobody should ever feel pressured into having to live up to some gift-giving standard when your special celebratory times come around. It should never get to a stage where one tries to match or outdo the other, something which often happens as a result of one party having perhaps spent a whole lot of money getting the other a visibly expensive gift.

It’s a cliché, yes, but there’s most definitely a lot of truth to it being about the thought that matters. It is indeed the thought that counts and anybody who truly loves you should be able to be held to that belief.

Measuring the value of a gift

I suppose the overly commercialised world we live in has conditioned us to measure the value of anything and everything in monetary terms. It’s about how much one spent to acquire something, which in a sense casts us all into the very dangerous territory of equating the price with a measure of how much somebody cares about you. As much as we hate to admit it and as much as some of us may even hate ourselves a bit for allowing ourselves to think this way, generally that’s just how it is.

It really doesn’t have to be that way though. The dynamics surrounding the gift-giving ritual are only as complicated as we make them.

If for example your childhood best friend as a boy, who is still your best friend to this day, walks in the front door, practically breaking it down with excitement and flashes two VIP tickets to a game featuring a team you both support, would it matter to you if he got those tickets for free? Not at all!

In fact, that would probably go down as the best gift ever, even though it benefits him as well and even though he acquired those tickets at no cost to him at all.

The same would go for a friend of yours who perhaps religiously places bets on online casinos – pointing them in the direction of some great No Deposit Casino Bonuses in the UK which save him money and give him more credit to play with counts in their book as a great gift of value.

This brings into focus what’s important here, which is the fact that you transfer some sort of value, whether it is value that saves your loved-one time or money, or indeed if it’s value which is more of a sentimental kind.

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