Knowledge & Wisdom – The Ultimate Gift

From the very moment you’re born, you embark on a lifelong journey of learning, with some of the things you learn admittedly setting you up in such a way that you might fare a little better or worse off in your lifelong journey of life itself. For example, if as a toddler your tantrums are reinforced with the action of your parents giving in to you whenever you cry, you might develop an entitlement streak and feel as if you can always get your way by just throwing your toys.

To look at it from more a positive point of view however, positive reinforcements in a similar situation to that discussed above could swing things in your favour and hone a go-out-and-get-it-yourself modus operandi from a very early age.

Yes, at the early childhood development stage parents want nothing more than to shower their children with love and everything else which will make their lives more comfortable and pleasurable, so it’s a very delicate stage we’re dealing with. You naturally want to preserve their innocence for as long as possible, but at this stage and at any other stage for that matter, the best gift you could ever give your children is the gift of knowledge and wisdom.

It’s a gift which you give them every single day in fact as a parent, albeit instinctively. Just helping your growing child with basic life tasks which they depend on you for is part of the lifelong education, with something as simple as teaching them how to tie their shoelaces forming part of it all.

When it comes to formal schooling, the value of knowledge and wisdom becomes clear. Parents with the means are willing to spend millions on their child’s education. It often starts with sending the child to a preschool, like this one offering preschool programs in Columbia, MD, where they get their first exposure to learning. As they grow, they continue to gain knowledge and wisdom from higher classes, and this process may continue throughout their life. Even parents facing financial challenges are willing to take on debt to provide their children with formal education, highlighting the immense value placed on knowledge and wisdom in the form of schooling.

Now this is not to say that you shouldn’t buy your 10-year-old that new PS4 game they’ve been hounding you for, citing their expensive private school education as the ultimate gift you’re giving them. It’s merely a matter of pointing out that whatever it is you may be giving your children as a gift, the gift of knowledge and wisdom is one which should form a standard part of the practice.

The ultimate aim is for the children to be equipped with all the tools necessary to be self-sufficient, ideally with the inherent skill of being able to look for opportunities to better themselves and create some opportunities if there aren’t any.

Someone who understands the odds associated with playing the lottery for example would be able to look beyond the actual practice of playing the lottery and perhaps publish a Lottoland Review in a bid to perhaps make sure the knowledge and wisdom they have about the gambling industry at least rewards them with an asset they can monetise, instead of pinning all their hopes on the actual activity of picking out lottery numbers. It’s perhaps an extreme example and a bit of stretch, but a necessary one, I feel, to drive the point home that the ultimate gift is indeed that of knowledge and wisdom.

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