Spending Your Money Slower

There appears to be some people in this world who just somehow always manage to win the personal finances game. I mean this could be a colleague who earns the same salary as you, lives in and around the same area as you (so you pay the same in rent, rates and taxes) and your lives are generally similar, yet this colleague always seems to have more money with which to do more.

How do they do it? How do these people who work the same hours as we do and earn about the same as we do always seem to have that little bit extra we could do with ourselves?

Value Retention

Some of these financial super-heroes aren’t even aware of the skill they posses, but it’s a simple matter of value retention. What this means is that when you have value in your hands, ordinarily in the form of currency or as a credit balance in your bank account, you retain as much of it as possible with every buying decision you make.

To make a simple example (perhaps overly simplistic, but necessary nevertheless), if you have 100,000 in cash burning a hole in your pocket (figuratively speaking, of course), spending it on a convertible sports car is a buying decision that retains less value than perhaps rather buying two transit vans or HGV, which you can hire drivers for and perhaps operate a local delivery business with those vehicles. You can start small, and safeguard your assets with the Top HGV Goods in Transit Insurance Cover and truck insurance. To improve your business, keep adding the profits back into business for a while since you will also have to pay employees. In a while, you will start seeing better profits and revenue generation, and from there on, you can start saving money and put it into the expansion of the business.

However, before you start this venture, consider getting in touch with experts like Lytx (https://www.lytx.com/en-us/fleet-management/dot-compliance/eld) who can help you get the proper software to manage your fleet. Other than this, you can also look into software for the business management that can assist in handling tasks such as finances, payroll allotment, data collection and analysis, profit percentage tracking, etc.

Every Penny is Made to Go Further
It’s all about making every penny go further – making every single penny that comes into your possession work to create more value that will last longer. You should be able to use that value in some or other way long before that penny has left your possession.

Start Small

This principle of effectively spending your money slower by trying to make each penny spent add value to as many areas of your life as possible may appear to be a rather complex one to put into action practically, but it isn’t. All it requires is for you to start small by simply looking at the existing channels through which you already spend your money and see if you can do anything to reduce this. For example, if you know you spend a lot of money on your heating, you could check out the energy-saving tips over on Romeo’s Fuel and see if there are any small changes you can make to your daily living that could make a real impact on this.

Another example – do you enjoy a bit of time taking your chance on online casinos? If that’s the case then that’s a great place to start, with the deployment of a Titanbet Bonus Code which will effectively double your 100 deposit. In fact, this welcome bonus is a perfect example of how to slow down the spending of your money to extract more value out of it and the best part is that it targets something which you probably already do without giving it a second thought.

Turn it into a Habit

From here on it’s about making this approach habitual, applying it to every area of your life. At first it might be challenging and time-consuming since you’ll effectively be altering spending habits that have been developed over many, many years, but you can pre-plan the financial areas of your life to target. You don’t have to try and implement the approach in the very moment each time.

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