The Many Essential Components of a Modern Skateboard

For many teenagers, skateboarding has become an integral part of their lives, and if you are out and about in any town or city in the UK or any other country, you will see skateboarders. Concrete environments are made for skateboarding, and there are countless boarding parks, where you can practice every aspect of riding. That said, the great thing about this urban pastime is you can enjoy it in just about any outdoor setting, and with safety in mind, local authorities have designed and built specific skateboarding parks, where you can master the art of surfing on dry land. If you are new to the sport of skateboarding, it is important to know how a board works and what the role of each component is, and with that in mind, here is a breakdown of the modern skateboard.

  • The Deck – This is the rider’s platform and is usually shaped like a surfboard, with varying lengths that allow for different activities. The longer the board, the faster you go, and most decks are made from maple timber that is veneered into strips, and these layers come together to form the board. There are usually seven layers of veneer and the grain would go in both directions to create a unique pattern, and with some artistic touches, the board gets its own character.
  • The Truck – Made from casted aluminium, the truck is the mechanism that provides the axles for the wheels, and it also fastens to the deck, creating a strong bond between the deck, and the wheels. This component also offers a little suspension support, with a base plate and a rising plate that cushions impact, and there are many designs to cater to specific types of boarding, with harder or softer absorption, depending on your preference.
  • The Wheels – These are obviously critical as they provide contact with the ground, and with polyurethane as the material, the solution is heated up until it becomes a liquid, which is then poured into aluminium moulds and is left to harden. Once the wheel is solid, a lathe machine is used to form the shape, with the maker using a special knife to carve out small designs. Most riders prefer hard skateboard wheels, as they go faster and are more durable than the softer units and the width of each wheel would be 55-60mm.

The assembly is quite straightforward and with only a few tools, one can put together a board in less than an hour, or, as some people prefer, buy a ready-made board and a few spare wheels. Whether you are into trick riding or prefer speed, there are online suppliers of every component, and with a little know-how and a lot of patience, you can put together that dream board you’ve always promised yourself. Shopping online allows you to really take your time, and with so many online suppliers of all things skateboard, you can easily source what you need.

By now, you must have known about the components necessary to build a skateboard on your own. So, you must be really eager to get one built and start riding. But before you go ahead and try the tricks, learn about the safety gear that will come in handy during your skateboarding sessions.

Skateboarding Gear

While you are skateboarding, you need protective gear to prevent you from getting injured. You need a cheap skateboard helmet that can protect your head from mild bruises, bumps, fractured skulls, concussions, cuts, and internal bleeding. Elbow and knee pads are also necessary as they can guard against a fall and provide stability when skating. Likewise, wrist guards can offer protection against wrist fractures. Skaters who wear wrist guards are less likely to incur a broken wrist compared to those who do not wear this. Keep in mind that the most common injuries in skateboarding are fractures and traumatic brain injuries. So, it would hurt you to be in your standard safety gear while practicing.

Skateboarding is a find sport that can improve your health. You would feel more energetic and would be less inclined towards living a sedentary lifestyle. Of course, you would need to practice to become good at it, but with a sturdy skateboard and necessary safety gear by your side, you should be able to master your skills quickly.

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