Best Sports Bras Round-Up

Best Sports Bras Round-Up

If you’re a woman who is exercising frequently, it’s very important to consider quality breast support. This article will review some of the best sports bras of 2017 and will also cover which breast support you should consider in 2018. You can then pair it with shirts from websites like so you are ready to take on your fitness goals for the year.


Starting out a ‘sports bra roundup’ with a breast support band is a bit questionable. We don’t think so. Breast support bands are on the rise for all the right reasons. Women who are larger breasted get much more support from The Boobuddy than your average sports bra and there are a handful of benefits to a breast support band, for instance, a breast support band provides a far greater reduction in vertical and lateral movement (this helps prevent sagging). This is something every active woman should consider!

Nike Indy Block Logo Sports Bra

Probably the most fashionable sports bra in this list. Suitable for both large and small breasted women and providing good support. It is described as Ideal for low-intensity exercise with excellent value and it is enjoyed by many women who describe the bra as ‘lovely and bright’, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘beautiful’. These are very kind words used to describe a sports bra. If you’re looking for something more visual and head-turning the Nike Indy Block Sports Bra is probably for you.

New Balance Trinamic Bra

This sports bra prides itself on having great levels of support as well as comfort. It’s pleasing to confirm that this is exactly what this bra does. Described as ‘great support’, ‘very comfortable’ and ‘Well made’. If you’re looking for something to hold down your breasts during high-intensity exercise this sports bra will probably be the perfect fit for you. See here.

Adidas Supernova X Bra

Be wary when choosing your size! A lot of customers reviews mention that the sizes are too small. If you’re aware of this before purchasing there should be no issue because the Adidas supernova X bra provides fantastic support, style, and comfort. Fitted with climacool ventilation technology for heat and moisture management, how can you not be comfortable? Of course, it wouldn’t be Adidas without the signature three-stripe designs on the sides.

Under Armour Eclipse Bra

Under Armour are on the up in the sports industry! Their sports bras are extremely-well received in their reviews and the Eclipse bra is no exception. This bra has an incredibly clean design with a range of colour choices. It’s the only bra on this list that is a compression fit, this allows for maximum support. If you take your sports and athletics serious, this bra is perfect for optimising performance, aiding recovery, and boosting performance.

So, now we have established a list of the best sports bras for 2017, should you invest the best of 2017 or the new of 2018? Truthfully, it doesn’t matter. If you invest in a good sports bra no matter when it was released it will last you a very long time. The only thing that will change is the fashion trends and we don’t need to remind you how trendy the sports bras’ on our list are. On a serious note, if you’re looking for something to last you a long time, invest in a plain black or blue sports bra. How many times have you made an inspired buy and decided ‘actually I don’t like this’ a few days later?

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