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Buying gifts for people is one of the most stressful and annoying part of life. Don’t get us wrong, we all love giving and receiving treasured presents for/from those we love, but picking out the perfect present that fits in your budget that will say something about how you feel about what that person means to you. We’ve helped with a few gift ideas that are easily found, easily customizable, and practically universally liked.

Survival kits

This creative and fun idea is cheap and easy to throw together, easily customizable, and deeply personal. There are a lot of different types of survival kits you can choose, based on who you’re gifting for. For example, you could do a Procrastination Survival Kit for the college student in your life that would include coffee or a gift card to somewhere like Starbucks, a sugar fix, highlighters, pencils, mints, etc. You could also do a survival kit related to self-care items for the person in your life that truly deserves to treat themselves but rarely does. This could include luxury bath products, wine, chocolate, and even face masks. The possibilities are virtually endless. Amazon has a huge selection to choose from, so find one that would make a great gift.

A few of their favorite things

Who doesn’t love getting their favorite things? Choose a theme (like their favorite TV show, their favorite drink, their favorite hobby, etc.), hand select things they’ll like, and place it all in a cute box, bag, or basket. For example, say the person you’re gifting for has a particular fondness for the television show, SpongeBob. You could fill their present with a season, collection, or movie; SpongeBob blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or pajama pants; and the candy Krabby Patties. Likewise, if your loved one can’t get enough coffee, you could get them a pack of fancy coffee (we highly recommend Death Wish Coffee), a cute mug or two, and a novelty sweater or picture that has some funny thing to say about coffee.
Some gifts that can almost never go wrong are Personalised Bracelets or Necklaces with name of the person you’re gifting. Even if the person doesn’t appreciate jewelry much, a named necklace gift can be treasured as it is even without wearing it. And if they do appreciate jewelry, then you’ll be hitting their sweet spot!

When all else fails, stalk their social media

If you’re still at a loss for something they might like, don’t overthink it; you could out a lot about what items a person may want by browsing their social media. That’s right, turn to technology for a few answers. People love to share ads they see of items they want or like, which is particularly true on the site Facebook. You could peruse their likes and let My Wish help you find the ideal present for them. I mean, board games are not that bad an option for that friend who prefers staying in on a Saturday night, rather than be out partying. To spice it up, you can opt for custom picture jigsaw puzzles them which kind of always keeps you near them! You might be interested in checking out My Jigsaw Puzzle’s website if you’re in Australia, and would like to turn a memory into a fun activity with your friend.

Finding the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones can be quite challenging. You want them to know how much you care about them and get them something they’ll truly like, but it’s hard. We’ve made a list of a few easily thrown together ideas that are easily customized for each person; we hope we’ve helped you brainstorm for your perfect present.

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