Why Paper Bag Speed Dating could be the way forward

Is love really blind? Paper bag speed dating could be the way to connecting with someone on a deeper level on a first date.

In this bizarre method of blind dating, those looking for love place a paper bag over their head, and then go about the normal process of speed dating. It has been called ‘The thinking person’s Tinder,’ because decisions are fast but based on personality and body alone.

The quirky craze of ‘speed-dating with a paper bag over your head’ was launched in London at the British Science Museum. To add a little more science to the mix, some paper bag speed daters may find that wearing human pheromones with their perfume helps to increase the initial attraction. You might see this as cheating the system a bit, but at the end of the day, it’s about finding that chemistry by any means necessary!

Paper bag speed dating could be revolutionary in the way we date in modern times. Rather than focusing on looks, paper bag speed dating allows us to find out more about the person we’re meeting and from there we can better establish our compatibility.

In a world where people are image driven this could be a way to get people thinking differently about themselves and their dating habits.

To break the ice, writing an amusing comment or personal fact on the paper bag can act as a conversation starter.

There are so many creative ways to use paper bags, but this is definitely one of the most ingenious.

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