Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Do you know a writer? Most of us do. They are a rare breed, writers, and often have very particular interests and very specific passions. Buying gifts for them isn’t always the easiest!

We’ve put together a couple of options for you to have a look at, and you will almost definitely find one that fits the author, proofreader, editor, or freelance writer that you know. These presents cover everything from birthdays and anniversaries, to just sending a message that lets them know you love them.

The price range is a wide one, too. So whether you’re pinching pennies, or have won a pile of money thanks to some lucky horse racing betting, you’ll be able to stay within whatever your budget may be.

A Book, the Gift That Keeps on Giving 

You can never go wrong with a book, especially if it’s one that is actually about writing as well. Here are four which every writer should have.

  1. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird
  1. Stephen King’s On Writing
  1. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way
  1. Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer

A Mini-Break to Get Some Work Done 

Sometimes all a writer needs is a change of scenery to get the story jump-started. Gift a night, or a weekend away, for your writer and let them enjoy a DIY retreat.

A Typewriter to Remove Distractions 

We know what you’re thinking. A typewriter? In 2018? Well, despite the technological advances we all enjoy so much of, there are many writers who long for some of the old-fashioned romance, and the removal of distractions, that a typewriter can offer.

A Bluetooth Keyboard for Writing on the Go 

Inspiration can strike at any time, and a bluetooth keyboard for moments when you’re nowhere near a notebook or computer can turn your tablet or smartphone into an easy-to-reach jotter. This gift is great for writers who switch between desktop and mobile devices frequently, or are known for their multi-tasking.

A Personal Organiser in Freshbooks 

This is a wonderful gift for freelance writers. They often struggle with admin, which will necessarily include the creation and sending of invoices. Freshbooks makes use of cloud accounting software to track time, make up basic invoices, send these off automatically, and collect payments as they come in. It also allows for business expenses to be accurately tracked, which will simplify tax time when it comes around.

A Clever Coffee Mug 

Also known as the food of most writers, coffee can be enjoyed in a clever cup you’ve purchased and ensure your writer remembers you fondly, and often!

Quotes from top authors, artist mugs or a favourite book, or those than inject a little humour into a serious occupation are all great ideas. We especially love Please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in her next book and kill you off!

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Be quiet! I’m working! While some writers enjoy the electric hum of a bustling coffee shop, many don’t, and noise can be a real issue, especially for those who work from home. A good pair of headphones which cancel out noise could well give the writer in your life the peace and quiet they need to get that article, short story, or next great novel finished.

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