Gifts for Your Goth

Whether you’re hunting for an anniversary gift, or the perfect birthday present, we’ve got you and your Goth covered!

Even if you don’t share their fascination with the darker side of life, getting a gift that will make them happy isn’t that tough, thanks, in part, to our list. As individual as everyone is, there are certain items that are almost guaranteed to keep the Goth you know and love as happy as can be.

We’ve made sure there’s something to suit every budget, too, so you don’t necessarily need to have pocketed a big win from one of your favourite betting sites to afford these.

Creepy Candles for Some Dark Romance

Most Goths love their candlelight, and candles make excellent gifts for that reason. What’s great is that it doesn’t matter if they already have a bunch of their own, either, since you simply cannot have too many candles! You could also consider buying them wax melts from somewhere like Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles, as these have become just as popular as candles with the number of different scents you can choose from – from your favourite perfume even to melts that smell exactly like fresh laundry! Your gothic friend is sure to love something like this, so you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your gift will be appreciated and put to use, not simply stuck in a spare room and forgotten about.

There is a great range of options here, as well, with different scents, shapes, and colours available almost everywhere. Tall, tapered red or black candles are wonderful for a Fancy Goth, as I like to call them, and there are even animal-shaped candles that melt down to reveal a skeleton inside.

Books for the Black-Hearted Among Us

Goths are particularly fond of good literature, and chances are that the one in your life is an avid reader as well. Books are another gift that are always a good idea, and you can get really inventive here if you want to. Choose a good horror, or a beautifully bound set of books, and don’t forget to investigate some of the more morbid non-fiction options, as well.

What’s great about a book gift is that you don’t have to know that much about your friend’s preferences to get something they’ll really love, since the Classics are usually on everyone’s Wish List. What about a set of Edgar Allan Poe’s work, stories about Druids or something by Edward Gorey? The possibilities are endless, and you’ll make your Goth crack a smile, however much they may try not to.

Alternative Jewellery Pieces to Perk Up Your Goth

Goths are truly passionate about their aesthetic, and, as decorative folk, they enjoy adorning their bodies with beautiful items. While their idea of what looks good may be different from most people’s, this means that jewellery is as good an idea as a gift for them as it would be for anyone else.

If the Goth you’re hunting for a gift for has multiple piercings, you’re in luck, since accessories will no doubt be much appreciated. If you can’t tell your spiral gauge from your industrial bar, you can always just stick to necklaces and rings, too.

Is your friend an amateur chiropterologist? That’s someone who studies bats, for the uninitiated. Do they admire skulls? Are broomsticks, witches, cats, and Tarot Cards images and icons that they admire? Or are they a fan of haunted houses and other spooky establishments?

Items with occult symbols are easily locatable online, and you can also never go wrong with red or black gemstones, which will be available at more mainstream jewellers. Goths may love the darker side of things, but they’re definitely not opposed to a little shine and sparkle!

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