3 Creative ways to reuse and repurpose paper bags

Paper bags are extremely useful. They also are a great switch for plastic bags because they biodegrade quicker and don’t pollute our oceans and the rest of the planet with their harmful presence and pollutants.

If you aren’t recycling them, here are some ways you can use them to revamp your home and enjoy a bit of creativity in the process.

  1. Lampshades

You would not be able to tell that these lamp shades were made out of paper bags, would you? They are so brilliantly and delicately made that they look store made and high end.

To make your own pendant light shade from paper bags you have lying around, click here.

  1. Flooring

A popular trend includes covering your floors with paper bags and creating a beautiful statement around your home.

To find out how to achieve this look, visit this page and get started on your own gorgeous flooring.

For paper bags, buy a wholesale amount and spares so that you can perform touch ups is necessary. 

  1. Cover Books

Use old and new paper bags to redecorate your old books. This can help you incorporate them into the scheme of your home.

Cover boring notebooks with it too and your children’s school books.

You can decorate the books in any way that you like and with any kind of paper bag.

Add your own drawings and text for the extra creative impact.

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