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With Black Friday coming up, there is the almost unshakeable urge to splurge your well-earned dough on what companies sell as their best deals of the year. However, how do you know if you really are getting the best deal. With so many different providers selling mobile phones, sims and contracts on either upfront or pay monthly deals it can be increasingly confusing. This is compounded further by the large companies advertising budget completely dwarfing the smaller and newer companies, that often have the better deals due to smaller running costs etc. To try and save you some time and money we have put together a list of some of the best deals currently out there for those with differing needs to give you the best choice of phones coming up before Christmas.

At the bottom of the article, there is also a link to uSwitch choice of providers who give the best ‘perks’ with their contracts.


Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB gold

Focusing on pushing the display to its limits, with a 6.5 inch edge to edge display, and increasing the camera quality for the selfie generation, this iPhone is perfectly suited to those focusing on style more than substance.

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 25GBData 24mthContract

£136.99 (upfront)

£71 pm

Apple iPhone XS 256GB gold

Almost exactly like the Max but with a 5.8 inch screen, coming with earpods that connect via the lightning connector. If making emojis based on your face that copy your expressions is a deal breaker, then this might be your answer.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 26GBData 24mthContract

£149.00Upfront cost


Google Pixel 3 XL 128GB white 

A look similar to the iPhone X but with android behind it, the Pixel 3 is an exciting development in the Google range. Wireless charging, smart battery technology adapting to your needs and usage, and a camera using all of googles technology to pick the photo where no one is blinking automatically!

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 30GBData 24mthContract

£147.99Upfront cost


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Lavender Purple

Another good Samsung phone continually improving on the model before, the increases are subtle every time but the smooth performance, multitasking capabilities and improved battery life make this a worthwhile investment.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 4GBData 24mthContract (£240.00 cashback)

£42.00per month*

Samsung Galaxy S9+ lilac purple

Like the S9 but bigger and better. Simple as.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 30GBData 24mthContract

£89.95Upfront cost


For this list we have used using price comparison site Money Pug – which specialises in mobile price comparison.


OnePlus 6T 256GB mirror black

Performance statistics that out do the flagship Apple and Samsung models with a price tag that sits around £600-700 is not to be missed. OnePlus continue to produce market beating devices at more friendly price points. If you haven’t been suckered in to Apple or you need a reason to break free from it this is definitely the phone for you.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 8GBData 24mthContract

£125.99Upfront cost


LG G7 ThinQ Platinum

After hitting the high notes with the G3 & G4, LG have been fairly quiet on the scene and this isn’t too much of a change. This is still a top-quality smartphone that performs well, with most LG devices the screen is its main selling point. A fingerprint scanner remains on the back of the device, which the natural hand position when holding a mobile but can take some getting used to.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 2GBData 24mthContract

£84.99Upfront cost

£23.00per month


Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro 128GB Transparent Titanium

One of the new wave of smartphones providers that have thrived in the Asian markets. Xiaomi has now come to the UK. Providing high performing smart phones at low prices is their game and the Mi8 Pro is a good place to start. The onscreen fingerprint scanner is a neat party trick and the look is very similar to the Samsung S9.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 4GBData 24mthContract

£216.00 cashback


Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Twilight

One of the best rated smartphones of 2018, the P20 pro almost outperformed superstar rivals such as Apple and Samsung with a phone that costs almost £500 less. That certainly is something to smile about.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutes UnltdTexts 5GBData 24mthContract £19.99Upfront cost

£25.99per month

Nokia 7 Plus black

A phone company that started this whole thing off is coming back with a new style and new range based on the android system. It’s a mighty fine start and the 7Plus gives a large screen phone and good performance for a very reasonable price.

Best Deal

UnltdMinutesUnltdTexts  4GBData 24mthContract £65.99Upfront cost

£22.00per month

There are so many phones available from providers large and small that are able to offer exactly what you need thanks to a growing and competitive market. Take advantage of this and don’t take a deal you aren’t 100% happy with. All these deals come without ‘perks’ that many providers try to offer as an extra incentive, so feel free to include these in your contract as it might save you some money on purchasing them separately.

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