Shooting in Kraków – let’s try!

Do you like dangerous toys? Do you like the smell of gunpowder and the weight of the gun? Or maybe you like the most focus on the shield? You can indulge your passion safely in Krakow. Here, in addition to many monuments and tourist attractions, you will find places where the dream becomes a reality – a professional shooting range equipped with the best weapons! Whilst this is extremely fun, it’s so important that people keep safety a priority. People should be wearing shooting glasses to make sure their eyes are protected and to help them improve their shooting precision.

You can choose either Kalashnikov, Glock, Uzi and Taurus revolver. Kalszanikow is a legendary rifle, the most popular weapon in the world, which is still used today to fight the enemy. Kalashnikov was produced in 1949 and revolutionized the defence market. In those days it was the most modern and deadly weapon in the world. If you prefer guns, you can try Glock – an Austrian pistol used in the army and police witch become popular throughout Europe. Today this brand is one of the most recognizable in the world.

The third type of weapon is Uzi – a submachine gun produced for the needs of the Israeli army. It’s an amazing weapon that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in the legendary Terminator, it was also Chuck Norris’s favourite gun. So you can’t miss the opportunity to try them out! The youngest type of weapon is the Taurus revolver – a short weapon used by hunters from brazil, very elegant, comfortable and well-suited to the hand. How to choose a weapon according to your capabilities? Just go to the firing range, consult with a professional service and try on each of them. Although each of these weapons is unique and essentially different from each other, they have one thing in common – they are deadly dangerous and can give a lot of satisfaction to the shooter. You can take advantage of the opportunity to buy an organized trip to the shooting range: the guide will pick you up from the right place and take you to the firing range. There, besides weapons and shields, a professional instructor will wait for you, to explain how to operate each weapon, teach you to unlock, aim and shoot. All this with maximum safety. If you are a gun enthusiast, then you may find out more about firearms by searching online using definite phrases like “300 blk vs 556 NATO”, which will give you a detailed understanding of guns and their accessories. That said, in the package you can use from 30 to 71 bullets and the entire expedition lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. At the shooting range, you have the opportunity to try a completely new activity that brings satisfaction, release tension and de-stress. You will get your target as a memento.

Over in the states, they enjoy heading to the shooting range to give their skills a boost for practical use, as many want to be able to protect their loved ones should they be in a position where they must take up arms against an assailant. The second amendment appears to be a contentious issue in the media but, in reality, most of its supporters are responsible, law-abiding, up-to-date with all the latest rules and regulations, and, most importantly, willing to educate themselves on everything firearms-related. This includes freshening up on the latest rules surrounding concealed carry, which you can learn here – Anyone looking to protect themselves in public is going to want to know about this.

However, if you are afraid of firearms and would like to try entertainment that raises the level of adrenaline, you can try traditional or laser paintball. A great idea may be also archery or clay pigeon shooting. Try your hand, it may turn out that you are really good at it! Expedition to the shooting range is a great entertainment for groups – together with friends you can experience amazing emotions and feel healthy competition!

Krakow can surprise you with many more places where you can spend time differently than usual! Here, tourism takes on a completely new face and beside traditional activities you will find here a lot of less-obvious entertainment. Just visit Krakow – you will fall in love with this amazing city and the perspectives it offers to you!

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