Exploring Gambling Culture

Gambling culture makes for an interesting topic to explore, especially when we consider the varied attitudes towards what is originally meant to be a fun, harmless pastime that also offers the very real chance of lucky individuals walking away a lot richer than when they placed their first bet or spun the wheel for the first time.

Traditional, physical casinos

Although we’re seeing fewer of these, traditional, physical casinos still epitomise gambling culture somewhat. I mean sure, many physical casinos all around the world appear to be going out of business and closing up shop for good, but for every one physical casino that closes, its direct online equivalent perhaps comes to life, along with many other casinos whose entire life-cycle will be playing out online, like leading, specialist platform Pokiepop.

Physical casinos are still fun to visit however, if only for the prestige, but they usually also offer some good fun for the whole family, with a resident kids’ area making for a lasting standard. Macao still enjoys mega numbers in visitors every year, which only serves to prove that physical casinos still have a place in popular gambling culture.

Online gambling

In the same way that social networking platforms such as Facebook have taken a real-world experience and put it online, some of the best online gambling sites have taken the traditional pastime of visiting a casino and put it online, affording patrons the opportunity to essentially gain instant access to the entire world’s variety of casino games without having to even dress up and leave their most comfortable spaces.

Online casino sites are becoming more life-like too, with some even offering live betting rooms, with the game-play streamed via video.

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Geographically-induced legal challenges

For many people all around the world, unfortunately, their emergent gambling culture has to be kept under wraps a bit, due to the rules and regulations surrounding gambling activity. In some instance it’s completely illegal, like in China, which has many Chinese people flocking to the likes of Macao for their responsible gambling fix.

As is the case with their accessing of what are otherwise banned online platforms like Facebook, VPNs are often used to by-pass online gambling restrictions.

The need for a round-table type waiver?

That probably brings into focus the need to discuss the possibility of something like a round-table waiver programme, where for example if you have access to gambling channels via something like a VPN you would be given a waiver because you are going to access that platform in any case. Having to do so via a VPN or having to jump on a plane just so that you can enjoy some gambling fun puts unnecessary strain on the resources deployed around the regulation or prohibition of the activity, does it not?

Either way, gambling culture will remain a reality that can either be smartly leveraged by governing bodies or one which is resigned to somewhat of an underworld. People will always seek the opportunity to take a chance with a little money with the hope of multiplying it through some mega winnings. Done right, it all makes for some harmless fun with the up-side of potentially huge winnings.

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