Spoiling Yourself – The Art of Self-Gifting

Most of us work really hard for the money we make, with our hard work accounting for a good living that allows us to engage in all the elements of modern life, such as feeding ourselves, providing shelter, clothing ourselves, and entertaining ourselves and others who form part of our lives. One of the prevalent social constructs around this modern day life is that of gift-giving, which is a practice that can get really ridiculous and out of hand at times. There are some mind-blowing lengths people who say they care for go to, to put pressure on them with the ridiculously expensive gifts they get them.

The outcome of such habits, however, can have effects that tend to be counterproductive, so it is important to stop for a minute and take the time to reward yourself for your efforts. Your ideal reward could be a solo trip to the hills, a session of fine dining, or even self-pleasure, which you can see more of with the help of, say, adult sites. The bottom line is that there should be a balance between hard work and play.

The system of effort and reward is rather comprehensive, and we totally understand. That is why we’ve decided to zone in on some of the intricacies of what is essentially the art of self-gifting.

The art of self-care

Self-care should be prioritized by everybody. It is the best way to make sure you take care of yourself and ensure that you’re healthy mentally and physically. If you need to de-stress from the pressures of work, consider massages or playing some sports; should you need to satiate your sexual needs, consider exploring your fetishes on a platform like XXX Tube 1 or get yourself a partner; when you feel sleep deprived, hit the hay early, and sleep in during the weekend. Similarly, there are several things that you could do to keep your mind and body healthy, and the things you do to fulfil that can be considered self-care.

Loyalty and rewards programmes

Signing up to the loyalty and rewards programmes of all the economic channels forming part of your life is another great way to accumulate points or credit, which you can then resolve to use to spend on yourself with none of the guilt you ordinarily feel. It’s like gifting yourself for free.

Going all-out in enjoying premium fun

Just once in your life, try being selfish a bit. Hopefully it will open the door to you paying more attention to your own needs as far as rewarding yourself for the hard work you put into earning the money you do. Indulge in some premium fun and see how that makes you feel, like hitting up kingjohnnie for some premium online casino fun if the thrill of the spin is indeed one of the ways through which you love to indulge.

Engaging in entertainment that has the potential to pay you

To take things a step further and perhaps if you cannot help but avoid falling victim to the socially induced guilt that sets in, while engaging in the premium fun you enjoy, you could pick out fun platforms that harbour the potential to pay you back for your time. Choice online casino comes into focus as one such platform which offers premium fun while affording you the opportunity to really win big, so if you do indeed walk away a winner, you won’t feel guilty for spending a little bit of your hard-earned money for your own enjoyment.

Making it a group effort

Perhaps the ultimate way to cater to what are likely your neglected self-gifting needs without taking anything away from the social gifting obligations you simply cannot escape at times, make the self-gifting process a group event. Invite those people with whom you share some common interests to join you on some activity you will all enjoy, so that the ‘gift’ is essentially shared.

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