The Full-Time Online Gambler Who Comes Bearing Gifts

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, isn’t it, how some people who have chosen to live a life of working remotely and travelling cover the money-making bit with something as fun as online gambling? They’re known as digital nomads, but there’s a particular class of digital nomad comprised out of those remote workers and travellers who just have a nose for getting maximum value out of everything that forms part of their lifestyles.

We’re talking about those digital nomads who understand that value can come from anywhere and that it’s just a matter of knowing how to spot that value and make full use of it. As a result, taking a peek into the laptop screen of the best of these digital nomads who are online gamblers might have you surprised to find them seemingly conducting some research, going over sites like for most of the time as opposed to what you’d expect of them to be dedicating most of their time to, which is immersing themselves in live games.

This is because information is the most valuable commodity when it comes to sustaining a life out on the road which entails making money online and travelling, but what does conducting “research” on sites such as the referenced one have to do with developing a bit of a reputation as a gift-bearer? Well, that particular site explores some of the best online casinos in New Zealand that offer all sorts of promotional bonuses and extra credits, which is some information fellow gamblers are willing to pay for.

If this full-time online gambler might like a special favour which can only be furnished by someone who is from New Zealand or perhaps somebody who might be travelling to that part of the world, if that person is a full time gambler as well, they might be happy to exchange whatever is required of them for this valuable information. To make a practical example, if your couch-surfing fellow digital nomad acquaintance is coming to visit you in your home country of New Zealand, might you not let them crash on your couch for free if they showed you how you can get up to NZ$1,500 in free bonus credits with which to place our bets online?

The same principle applies with platforms relevant to online casinos all over the world, such as the featured bestusaonlinecasinos listings through which bonuses can go all the way up to around $6,000 in value!

It’s fair exchange, but actually in most instances the recipient of the full-time online gambler’s initiative-taking gift always feels as if they’re getting a whole lot more than they can give back in exchange. It’s all about having the right information and it transcends the gambling niche that he’s primarily active in.

Imagine messaging him that you’re perhaps headed to Dubai and then he swiftly responds back with a specific place you can go to get a 50 AED voucher to cover your next Uber ride. You would at least feel as if you owed him 50 AED worth of value in return, wouldn’t you?

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