The Modern Rules of Rings for Women

Rings are timeless, beautiful, and are full of variety. They are personal, and one of the more typically romantic pieces of jewellery with their association with engagement. However, styles of rings go in and out of fashion more than any other piece of jewellery. If you were to look at websites such as the likes of and others, then you’ll often find an abundance of different styles, rocks, sizes of ring available. Thin band or thick band? Silver or gold? Gemstone or no gemstone? These questions could get anyone in a muddle, so here are some modern rules of rings for women to help you make up your mind.

  • Get the right size

Doesn’t it sound obvious? It is surprising how many people fall in love with a ring without any thought or care put into the size of their finger. This is even more common if ordering online because it is impossible to try it on for size before buying. Measure your finger and look up what size that is considered. A ring that is too small will be painful to wear, and a ring that is too big will get lost immediately. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

  • There are no rules of style

This rule seems like a contradiction, yet really it is the most important one of all. One of the best things about the age we live in, is personal style and individuality are valued above all else. If your style is more bohemian, maybe a ring with a funky gemstone in the middle is for you. If you’re someone who gets moody, you could think of investing in a mood ring. You might also have to get a mood ring color chart to know exactly what color it signifies. If you have a classical, elegant style, perhaps a thin band will suit your wardrobe best. The main point is, don’t follow the current trend, because trends pass. Your uniqueness is yours, and therefore should be embraced above all else. Whichever ring grabs your attention, and makes you smile, that is the one for you. You could find some really amazing styles online on sites like Dreamland Jewelry or other similar ones.

  • Shop at a trusted store

Many ring stores are quite intimidating and difficult to navigate in person. There are the worries of it getting stuck on your finger, or not wanting to offend the salesperson etc. If this is a concern for you, instead trying shopping for rings online, for instance at Nomination Italy. The selection of rings for women at this store is huge, and they are all of premium Italian quality. Furthermore, the huge selection really does allow people of all different tastes and styles to shop there successfully, without feeling frustrated or restricted. There is variation of metal colour, style, gemstones… you name, Nomination Italy can provide it. There is a sense of class and elegance that only comes with Italian design, and as a well-known store it can be relied upon to follow through with your order without any problems. What more could you need to find the perfect ring for you?

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