Gift Ideas for the Motor Interested

If you’re looking for a special gift for a friend or family member who is a motor enthusiast you’ll be spoilt for choice! If they’re as much of a lover of motors as they say they are, they will probably own all of the obvious things already, which could include 125cc insurance (if they have a love of motorcycles), or fancy air fresheners for their cars. So what do you do when you want to get them something that’s out of the box. Well, here is a selection of ideas that are sure to please anyone who loves cars and motorbikes.

1. Replica Scale Models

Children might like clipping together plastic versions of their favourite vehicles but adults will appreciate a perfectly made replica. Authentic versions of classic models such as a Ferrari or Aston Martin are ideal for those who can only dream of owning a luxury car. Motorcycle fans will love a highly detailed, die-cast metal Norton or Triumph from a by-gone era. Measuring just a few inches in length and height, they are perfect for the mantelpiece or desk.

2. Motorcycle Neck Warmers

Wind chill can be uncomfortable when out riding a motorbike especially in the winter months. A neck warmer is a practical gift that will get plenty of use. There are various styles including fabric balaclavas that fit neatly beneath a helmet but for a touch of luxury opt for a neck warmer that covers the shoulders. Locate one that’s made of a cosy, laminated material with adjustable fastenings that’s guaranteed to keep out the fiercest gales.

3. Decorated Mugs

There are always mugs available with pictures of a favourite motorbike or car. However, if you are having difficulty locating a mug with a Lamborghini Espada, a rare Coventry Eagle or Honda Goldwing you can always visit a website that prints individual mugs using an uploaded picture of your choice.

4. Motorcycle Saddlebags

There is never enough storage on a motorcycle but a twin-pack saddlebag from XLmoto will instantly add extra space. A universal mounting system allows it to fit onto any motorbike and adjustable straps will keep it in place. Made of waterproof PVC (polyvinyl chloride) it will keep large amounts of luggage safe and dry.

5. Gloves

Car enthusiasts will adore a pair of retro driving gloves that will improve their grip on the steering wheel. Choose luxurious leather in a choice of colours that feature breathable mesh backs for comfort. There are also fingerless versions available. Motorcycle gloves need to offer more protection. Look out for padded areas on the knuckles, fingers and thumbs.

6. Garage Stool

Motor enthusiasts love being in the garage all day. That is why they often spend handsomely on building lavish garages with the help of Custom Garage Builders. It is their love for their vehicles that they spend entire weekends tending to their automobiles. That is why a handy garage stool can prove to be a worthy gift for such people. It is always perfect for tea breaks, especially for motorbike owners who want to keep their machines in perfect working order, (it’s an essential accessory for them). An adjustable seat height is useful as it ensures comfortable seating when working low down.

7. Knee and Elbow Protectors

A set of reinforced pads for the knees and elbows are invaluable if a motorcyclist ever has an accident. Pads are lightweight, flexible and padded well to absorb any impacts. They are available in a range of styles that offer varying degrees of protection.

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