f4 great alternative uses for high-quality paper bags

If you find good quality paper bags you will not only have a product that can be used for shopping, you will also have an environmentally friendly item that can be used for a variety of different purposes. These can range from arts and crafts to fruit ripening! Additionally, any further uses you can find for tired paper bags will help to reduce their impact on the environment. In today’s article, we have a look at some of the different uses for paper bags that will add value to both yours and the bags life.

  1. Use good paper bags to ripen fruit for eating

One of the issues many face when they buy fruit is having to wait for it to ripen before it is fit to eat. Surprisingly, paper bags can alleviate the waiting time. Simply put some fruit like a banana or apple in a paper bag and you will vastly reduce the ripening time. Trapping more of the ethylene gas will reduce the amount of time you have to wait before enjoying your fruit.

  • Shred paper bags to provide good packaging material

If you are struggling for packaging material, old paper bags that you have lying around the home could provide the perfect solution. They can be used in a few different ways. Tearing the side and wrapping fragile packages can provide some extra security, whilst you also have the option of shredding them to take care of any extra space that may be present in the parcel.

  • Use colourful paper bags to make interesting craft designs

We don’t blame you for not wanting to waste well-designed paper bags on packaging. A more fitting way to reuse old colourful paper bags would be through creating interesting craft designs. You can use the colours that are already present on the bags as the basis and add any other design features with pens and paint. Some options you have when it comes to arts and crafts include:

  • Modified paper bags
  • Origami figures
  • Collages
  • Paper aeroplanes
  • Use strong paper bags to serve snacks to guests

Another great use for stronger paper bags Is serving food to guests you have staying over. Traditional paper bags make good carriers for snakes like popcorn, crisps and a variety of other dry food items. We recommend you use relatively new papers bags to make sure hygiene is kept throughout. This provides some great novelty to dinner parties and they are very easy to handle.

If you invest in paper bags, make sure you get good use out of them

Paper bags are usually more expensive than their plastic counterparts however they do provide a lot of value in terms of their overall build quality and virtues for the environment. Because of this, you should make sure you get the maximum value out of any paper bags that you do buy. The alternative uses we have listed for paper bags will help you achieve this.

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