Which Flooring Never Goes Out of Fashion?

With so many choices available for flooring for the home, it is not surprising that luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is placed as the most preferred and recommended option by interior designer specialists.

The core elements are because of low maintenance, perfect look and ease in installation that comes with the different styles and long-lasting fashion to suit any room in the home.

Eliminate Installation Costs

Vinyl planks and tiles have a simple fitting process that you do not always require a professional to install, therefore cutting a professional’s by-the-hour rate.

By choosing either a glue-down or click in place option, homeowners who fancy a dabble in DIY can find a fun project to undertake within a day at least. Overall, vinyl flooring from a company such as True Hardwoods is a simpler option over hardwood or laminate. Not only this but having sections specifically cut to size to ensure that there is no leftover or messy clean up after laying out your room.

Eliminate Pest Damage

Whilst hardwood floors can look absolutely gorgeous, they’re also susceptible to pests. Older homes tend to have wooden flooring, but upon closer inspection, you may find that it’s been attacked by woodworm or termites. If you’re adamant about saving your hardwood floors, your best bet is to get in contact with exterminators in kentucky or wherever you are. The sooner you can have the pests removed, the more likely you are to be able to salvage the floor. Whilst hardwood flooring is timeless, you’re safer option is vinyl. Pests are unlikely to damage vinyl flooring, so you won’t have the same issues as you have with natural wood.

Eliminate Regular Scratches and Spills

The chief decision maker is that whatever flooring chosen is able to withstand time and hazards. With carpet and hardwood flooring you are constantly living with times where spills, staining or chair and table scratching segments of the floor can be frustrating and costly to repair or replace.

Vinyl, due to its anti-scratch technology, goes a long way to ensuring that it is incredibly durable. A simple mop with warm soapy water for any spillages leaves zero traces of stains or discoloration, saving on specialist cleaning products at the same time.

Vinyl can withstand the effects of everyday mud, food, drink, or rain. This makes it a much better option than other floorings that requires a lot of extra purchases in products to get back to their original look. When you live in a disaster-prone area, though, vinyl flooring may have a disadvantage. If the floor is flooded, you may need to hire a Property Damage Restoration Company to remove the flooring as vinyl flooring does not absorb water and must be removed for the drying process.

Fit for All Rooms

If you are considering multiple rooms for a touch up, the good news in which room can vinyl be fitted – is any room you want.

Your choice of rooms is as unlimited as designs to hand, so you are not limited to choosing a wooden plank for the bedroom, stone tile for the kitchen or porcelain design for the bathroom and can give your room a unique style all to itself.

If you are creative then you have the opportunity to fit your house to different styles or keep it consistent and have the same look throughout. You can also incorporate colours and patterning that add to the look and give it a sense of individuality.

For a long-lasting home that withstands the decades to come, Vinyl such as lowest price Amtico flooring and the unique Amtico Spacia gives you a guarantee and consistency in flooring that never goes out of style.

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