Designer Bookshelf as a Gift to Encourage More Reading

A reader of the blog wrote in with a project he was roped in for, following a fellow online gamer winning some “change” with which to commission a bookshelf as a gift. It’s amazing what some of the best real money online casino platforms can inspire!

Hi guys! I am currently doing a lot of design work for a luxury watch brand. I was asked to produce bookcases for their retail area. I took some time to design and make bookcases for their retail area. In this post I want to share with you all how I made those bookcases. If you like it, please click the “follow” button.

The Concept

I had the chance to do research about how the luxury watch brand stores their luxury goods. They do the books on the shelves and they usually fit on a shelf according to their books. I wondered about the correlation of the modern luxury brand and book. I designed a completely new concept. I wanted to build this space with modern ideas and inspiration, but I wanted the bookcases to follow the book itself. I wanted to create an entirely new environment, not just a design of a bookcase.

I was wondering how I could bring this concept to life. I went to their showroom and started imagining and sketching on paper. The first thing I did was to put a chair to the table and arrange it according to the book. I wanted it to be the central point of the space. Then I started drawing. The rest was just a coincidence. I would find inspiration from the books I read and some furniture designers like Lawrence Holland and Bill Boyd. For inspiration, I also wanted to see other people’s spaces. I took inspiration from Austin, IKEA and the lobby presentation backgrounds displayed in some of the best AU online casinos.

The Materials

The bookcases are made out of a combination of hardwood and veneer. The hardwood is lacquered to look like maple wood. The veneer is used for the outside face of the bookcases. The bookcases are made out of three different woods. The bottom layer is black hardwood and the top layer is mahogany veneer. This step was very difficult for me. The veneer is not meant to look like a real wood. You have to make it look exactly like wood. That is why I had to spend a lot of time to find the right combination of colours, textures and shadows. The bottom layer is painted on with two coats of thin veneer and then polished.

This step was quite difficult. The veneer is almost in a pile. I had to take it from the pile, put some glue and place it on a table. I put some thin veneer on top of it and then placed a book on top of it. The veneer has to be placed very carefully. The book should not touch it at all. The veneer should only be on top of it. The veneer and the veneer had to be put on very carefully and in specific patterns. The veneer was placed vertically from one side of the table to the other. I used some glues and glue strips to make it. I waited until the glue was dry before I started working again. After the glue was dry, I put another layer on top of it. The layer has to be perfectly aligned.

After the layers were put, I applied glue and placed another book on top of it. This layer also has to be perfectly aligned and placed into the correct pattern. After the glue was dry, I moved it to the store room and set it aside. I did some research about this glue.

Bookshelves at Home

Embarking on the journey of creating a bookshelf can be a rewarding endeavor, but truth be told, not everyone possesses the finesse of carpentry.

Imagine the scenario of desiring a bookshelf to grace your humble abode. While some may boast the skills to tackle such a task, a considerable portion of the population may find themselves unacquainted with the intricacies of carpentry. This is where the invaluable assistance of professionals offering handyman services in Dillworth, NC or elsewhere, comes in handy.

Opting for professional assistance ensures that your bookshelf is not merely an aesthetic delight but also a functional piece. These professionals often bring a wealth of experience and expertise, guaranteeing a finished product that seamlessly integrates into your living space. From selecting the right materials to crafting precise measurements, their attention to detail ensures a bookshelf that is not only structurally sound but also visually pleasing.

Furthermore, the advantages extend beyond the realm of craftsmanship. Engaging a professional for your bookshelf project saves you the time and effort invested in navigating the intricacies of carpentry. It allows you to focus on other aspects of your life while skilled hands bring your bookshelf dreams to fruition. The convenience and peace of mind offered by professional assistance are invaluable, especially for those with busy schedules or limited experience in carpentry.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a more expedient solution, the option of purchasing a ready-made bookshelf is a viable and convenient choice. With a plethora of styles, sizes, and finishes available in the market, this option caters to diverse tastes and preferences. While it may lack the personalized touch of a custom-built piece, a well-chosen ready-made bookshelf can still enhance the aesthetics of your space and fulfill its functional purpose with ease.

In conclusion, whether opting for professional carpentry services or choosing a ready-made solution, the key lies in acknowledging one’s skills and preferences. Both avenues offer distinct advantages, ensuring that your quest for the perfect bookshelf aligns seamlessly with your individual needs and vision for your living space.

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