How to Entertain an Adults-Only Party Crowd

Here’s a little piece of entertainment we tried out at our house over the weekend. We hung a hammock in the backyard and were delighted with the response of an adults-only crowd, complementing the laying about with some time spent playing casino games for real money.

To set it up, you can borrow a chain or rope for a tree branch. I like a light breeze, so I used an 8′ long chain for the hammock, and used some beads on the ends for decorations. The beauty of this project is that you don’t need to go overboard, so pick out the things you like and hang it up. Once you get the hang of it, I think it would be fun to use beads to tie other decorations to the hammock, or tie strings from the trees to other decorations.

Before you tie the strings to the trees, you have to make sure there are no little branches that will get caught up and lose the hammock. I found that setting the hammock up from the ground worked better for us because it doesn’t make the trees bend too much, and the tree branches are not too close to each other. In the case of the hammock being directly under a tree, it is more challenging to get it set up, because the tree branch acts like a cross beam. I have trouble tying knots in the trees without the branches rubbing, so I tied it up pretty tight on the ground and tried to stretch it out a little.

Once you have the hammock set up, you can do anything you want to do on it. We used the hammock for breakfast and evening snacks. We sat and listened to our favourite bands while eating, talking and looking at the stars. It’s great for a movie night, reading, catching up on your favourite magazines, taking a nap or doing yoga. For a fun activity, try the hammock game that I found on Pinterest. Bring out a chair and a blanket and put the chair on the hammock. When the chair falls down, the person who is sitting in it has to untie it and move it over into the trees. You get a great view of the backyard and the trees, and that’s a lot of fun! For those seeking to host such fun parties frequently, incorporating a summerhouse could be an excellent idea. A well-designed summerhouse not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves as a versatile retreat for various outdoor activities. You can visit website of appropriate businesses in your area that can install a custom summerhouse of your liking in your backyard. Whether it’s relaxing in the shade, enjoying a game of chair-hammock challenge, or simply soaking in the serene surroundings, a summerhouse can enhance your backyard experience and offer a cozy oasis right on your own property.

If you are new to using hammocks at parties, here are some tips that I found helpful.

Pair the hanging with activities such as playing engaging games at

Choose the right trees. The best tree for the hammock to sit on is an apple tree because of the strong horizontal branches that are spaced out a bit. If you don’t have any apples in your yard, or you don’t want the tree to grow, then you can use a fir tree. Make sure the tree is about 8 feet tall and pretty straight. If it is leaning to one side or the other, you will not have a good swing.

Make sure the tree is heavy enough. If you are working with a small tree, you may want to put a large rock on the top of the tree. If the tree is heavy and the hammock is too heavy, then you will not be able to move the hammock in a nice, straight line.

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