How to Host an At-Home Casino Party

Are you missing the excitement of a night out on the town? What about that thrill of elation when you hit 21 at your favourite Blackjack table? In today’s current pandemic climate, major indoor socialising has sadly become but distant memory. Why not bring the casino fun to the comfort and safety of your own home?

Casino parties are a creative and fun way to get your close friends and family together for a unique night of unforgettable entertainment, without the stress of navigating social distancing at your nearest casino.

Hosting a casino night may feel rather overwhelming at first, but take a squizz at my easy to follow suggestions below. These should guide you through a few simple arrangements to ensure an evening of fun-filled, friendly game play.

Choosing the Games

Selecting the correct games for your casino night is imperative to its success. While it would be awesome to bring a number of exciting online games into your home, it’s important to remember your house and guest list size. You want to choose games that won’t overwhelm your 10 or 20 guests.

Table games like Blackjack are a definite must! It’s simple and easy to understand for any inexperienced casino-goers. Other suggestions are Roulette, Craps and Baccarat. Try to steer clear of any games that take too long to complete, such as Poker.

Fast, fun, interactive table games as suggested above will keep the energy alive throughout the night and give everyone the opportunity to mingle and play.

Hiring Croupiers

Hiring dealers/croupiers who understand the games on offer will lend a glamorous feel to the evening’s events. Keeping the duties of the dealers/croupiers simple and easy to understand will allow them to feel comfortable being in your home, and in turn, your guests will feel comfortable too.

I suggest inviting the dealers/croupiers to arrive early, perhaps an hour before the guests. This will allow them some time to familiarise themselves with your home, get to know the game set up, what you are expecting from them and to have something to eat and drink before the festivities begin.

Glamorous Décor

Getting your home to really look the part is much easier than you think! Start with some casino themed print outs to hang from the ceiling and secure to the walls. Some oversized cardboard cut outs of cards, casino chips, a pair of dice and Roulette wheels placed here and there will definitely get your guests in the casino mind-set.

Lighting is everything! Purchasing a few coloured lamps for each table and possibly one or two decorative luxurious chandeliers to hang over the playing tables will offer a stunning ambience. To go for a slightly different style, you can add some fun neon lighting or signage and bring in the whole 70s Las Vegas vibe! It’s also a great idea to consider where you will hire/buy your game tables from. Making sure they fit your home space comfortably is something I suggest doing at least a week before the event, to ensure the setup will work for you and your guests.

Easy-Peasy Finger Foods

You will definitely want to be a part of the fun, mingling with your guests and trying your hand at the games being played. In order to do this, we can’t have you cooped up in the kitchen cooking and serving huge plates of wholesome food.

Spending the day before, or morning of your party putting together a table filled with delicious, simple, luxurious finger foods will be the way to go. If you have the budget and opportunity to pre order some tasteful finger foods from your nearest deli to be delivered on the day, then go for it!

Invitations and Dress Code

A snazzy invitation will set the tone for your elegant evening of casino fun. Sending out an evite is a great environmentally friendly option. There are some wonderful editing apps that will assist you in easily creating an eye catching invite straight from your mobile phone.

Giving your guests an opportunity to dress up in either ‘casino formal wear’ or ‘black tie’ will have everyone feeling like a million bucks and will give the ladies an excuse to dust the cobwebs off their favourite little black dresses that haven’t seen the light of day since the pandemic hit.

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