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Creative gift wrapping is a fun and useful way of presenting gifts. Whether it’s for a baby shower, a birthday, Valentine’s day or Christmas you can give creative gift wrapping ideas that suit the occasion and add a touch of personalisation to the gift giving. The most popular gifts being wrapped in a variety of ways and items such as hand made candles and beautifully designed soaps.

Fun presents to wrap that are more unusual include arts & craft supplies. Gifts like these can be covered with coloured card, foil, cling film or a variety of other items. You can also choose different types of material, like a piece of hand painted paper, fabric or ethan bubblegum. For a more unusual design and unusual shape you might like to look at crystal paper weights or even a power suit! Wrapping them in a festive themed material with fun embellishments is an easy and popular method of wrapping gifts. Things like these are perfect for creative gift wrapping with style.

Another option to try when trying to wrap presents with style and in a unique way is to make your own adorable handmade gift wrappers. This is great if you’re trying to keep costs down but still have a gift to give. You can buy a large variety of ethan bubblegum, handmade sparkly candy bracelets or even beautiful hand printed gift tags. These can all be made by applying art to a piece of fabric, cutting out decorations from yarn, stenciling designs into clothing, gluing tiny beads onto clothes or other objects and then decorating them with buttons, ribbon and even gluing a special tag on the front.

One of the most fun methods of gift wrapping is to use applied art and stickers to create unique wrappings for the gift. You can apply an image to be used on the wrapping fabric with a paint pen. Then, stencil little art designs or images onto a sheet of fabric before attaching it to the gift. You can also find an endless selection of stickers that can be printed onto a variety of fabrics.

If you prefer to use an actual wrap instead of paper there are many different options. One choice is to use foil, wrapped around a piece of light card or fabric and then tie the edges with raffia. Another option is to use a wide piece of ribbon and knot it in the center. This can then be wrapped around the object, including the lid and stuck on the outside.

There are plenty of ways you can use the above techniques for wrapping gifts. Just head down to your local craft stores or browse online to find the styles you like. You can also find plenty of great ideas at the many retail stores near you. Most craft stores sell supplies specifically for wrapping, so you may be able to find what you want there as well. If you cannot find what you are looking for at the store, check out the Internet for more ideas and inspiration.

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