How to Choose a Quality Blender

So what are the main differences between a blender and a smoothie maker? Surprisingly the answer is not much, but some key differences will help you when you are buying one for yourself or for the family. The main difference between a blender and a smoothie maker is that a blender combines all of your ingredients into a single smooth paste, whereas a smoothie usually has a liquid base and contains various other ingredients including fruit. Blenders will also blend all of your ingredients so that they have a consistency similar to whipped cream rather than being a paste.

Blenders vs smoothies: The best smoothie makers are generally more powerful than juicers and more expensive too. However, this is not always true and in fact, many juicers are less powerful than blender machines. The reason why blenders are generally more powerful than juicers is that the blades in a blender are often made from stainless steel and are very tough. It is also worth pointing out that many juicers require electricity so if you intend to make many different smoothies over the course of the day it may actually be worth investing in a juicer rather than a blender. If however you only intend to make a few smoothies at night time then a blender may well be more suitable.

Durability: The best smoothie makers will come with at least a year warranty and come with some type of safety lock. In the past blender machines were quite cheap and would often break after a few months of use so you should get one that is built to last. All modern blenders nowadays come with at least a one-year warranty although it may be a good idea to get a two-year warranty. You should also look for a jar that comes with a built-in wand and is easy to fill with water.

Portability: Although blender power may be greater, a juicer is much more portable and can be used in the kitchen for a multitude of things. Juicers will be more suited to a student who will be making smoothies for their own consumption and not necessarily for selling to customers. Most modern blenders come with at least a one-year warranty and come in a very affordable price range. They are also much easier to transport than blenders and can be used in the car for school and office work as well as being great for home use. If cost is a consideration then a cheap electric blender will be best suited as they do not offer a great range of functions.

Speed of Operation: The most important factor to consider when looking at how to make smoothies is how quickly the ice and other ingredients are added to the drink. Most blender machines are only capable of making a few drinks at a time so will not be ideal if you need a variety of flavours in your shake. A good speed blender (like the ones you can find at might be able to blend up to twelve cups of blended ice in around thirty seconds which tends to be quicker than any other blender I have come across. You can buy some machines with high-speed motors but these can be a bit expensive. However, if you have to use them on a regular basis, then it could be worth every penny. In fact, a motor that is powerful enough to grind ice and create a delicious shake is more likely to be worthwhile investing in.

Accessories: A good blender will come with at least one additional feature which may make the difference between purchasing the right blender for your needs and spending thousands of dollars on an unnecessary blender. Most good blender brands will include a whisk which is necessary to make meringue, whipped cream, and many other past-time products. Buying a good quality whisk will ensure you don’t run the risk of it breaking or separating from the appliance as it is very easy for them to lose their attachment as well as getting tangled up. A good blender will also have whisk attachments which can be bought separately and fitted into the machine. Having these extra attachments will ensure you have a wide range of different textures and tastes in your frozen dessert.

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