Behind The Site


My name is Courtney Lee and I am the founder of More Than Gifts.

More Than Gifts started off as a personal blog which has grown following many years of hard work and evolved into a complete guide to gift buying.

I spent many years working as a personal shopper and I absolutely loved it and this is where my passion for gift buying and suggestion came from.

I would spend the entire year planning family members birthday gifts and Christmas presents, buying throughout the year and preparing well in advance. My sisters would always come to me when they needed a hand planning their anniversaries or partner’s birthdays.

This is where More Than Gifts was born. My family members and friends were always asking me for advice so I decided to create a blog and put my passion to good use.

More Than Gifts

More Than Gifts started off as a blog guide but as both the site and myself have evolved, it has grown to encompass everything from guides to how to wrap, unique Christmas decoration ideas and reviews of certain products.

I hope you enjoy More Than Gifts and they my posts bring you some much-needed help and inspiration.

I love to hear from my readers so if you have a general question, want to know a little more about a certain product or would like to know a bit about my history and experience then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

There are so many gift ideas and reviews which I want to share with my readers, and I know that I can’t cover everything on my own! That is why I welcome guest posts on More Than Gifts. If you’re a talented writer and have a bit of a shopping or a knack for gift giving, then please head to the Write For Us page where you can become a More Than Gifts contributor.