Gift Wrapping Tips

If you have found the perfect gift, it’s time to start thinking about the wrapping paper. Many people often underestimate the importance of wrapping a gift, despite the fact it’s just as important. Think about it, why do you buy a loved one a gift? To show them how much you care – so surely the same love and care should be taken in wrapping the present.

A badly wrapped gift shows you haven’t had much thought in the present and that you don’t care all too much. Well, to stop you looking a little thoughtless, look at our top gift wrapping tips.

A Hard Surface

Many people make the mistake of wrapping on a soft surface, because it’s more comfortable or don’t think it will make much difference. However, we here at More Than Gifts always recommend wrapping a present on a hard surface. Not only will this allow you to avoid wrinkling the paper, but it will save you plenty of time, too.

Parcel Paper

For a rustic look that your recipient will love, opt for parcel paper, which looks both cool and casual. Despite looking a little rustic, parcel paper also looks quite luxurious. Tie some string around the parcel and it will look fantastic. Besides parcel paper, you can use also custom wrapping paper that can make your recipient feel more special. For example, if you have a wedding to attend, you can print the picture of bride and groom on the cover and use it to wrap the gift. It can only be imagined how surprised and happy both of them will be!

The Ribbon

A beautiful ribbon can turn the most boring wrapping paper or box into a beautiful gift. For example, you could simply place your beautiful item in a plain white box, but a royal red ribbon will bring the present to life, offering a luxurious gift that will look so good your recipient wouldn’t want to even open it.

More Than Gifts

A Sharp Pair of Scissors

Never use a blunt pair of scissors when cutting wrapping paper, as this will detract from the gift’s overall look. Always opt for a sharp pair of scissors for a smooth, neat finish that will look seamlessly wrapped. For a great finish, you could always use a rotary cutter – a little tip we picked up from Martha Stewart.

Recycle Your Old Wrapping Paper

It’s so frustrating when you’re left with a little bit of useless wrapping paper; however, instead of binning it, pop it into the shredder. Grab the shredded paper and use the paper to line your next gift box or bag. Now that’s genius!

Sticky Fingers Sellotape

Do you ever fight with the roll of sellotape? Never cut the right size or just end up with it everywhere? Well, you need to try Sticky Fingers!
The double sided take is in small sections so there is no need to cut the sellotape which saves you a lot of time and hassle!

More Than Gifts

Hide Mistakes with Bows

If you’re not the best wrapper and you often find yourself gifting items with a poorly wrapped presentation, then you should invest in some bows and ribbon to help you cover up those mistakes.
A big bow not only makes the present more amazing but it hides and defects in your wrapping ability – perfect!

Do you have any tips you want to share with us at More Than Gifts? Get in touch and send us your top tips and gift wrapping advice!