Sourcing The Best Deal

These days, there’s no end of websites that claim to offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to products and experiences. So where do you start? And where can you go to find unique and thoughtful gifts in the neverending sea of craft and product websites?

While we provide only the best advice and can provide timely deals over on our blogs, there are some sites which are our go-to sources for great products at great prices.

When it comes to finding the best deal, it definitely pays to shop around. Follow our step by step guide to finding the perfect present and once you have something in mind, you can begin your search.

With A Specific Present in Mind

So you’ve followed all the steps, analysed your recipient, set a budget and have come to a conclusion. They must have this certain gift.

Great news! So how do you find it? Always begin your search online if you have computer access and internet capabilities. If it’s a specific product then check out eBay for discounted purchases or second-hand offerings, you can even make them cheaper by using eBay coupons from companies like Raise (find more info here). If you need something that’s brand new, scour the web for outlet sites that provide offseason or discontinued. Outlets can be great for snatching up a bargain – especially with house and cook wares!

Online shops are often desperate for you to buy and a nifty trick that can save you a bit of money is putting the item you want to buy in your shopping cart, but not checking out. The website will notice that you have shown interest but not purchased and, more often than not, will email you with discount offers or a one time offer of a percentage off. Worth a try if you’re willing to wait it out!

If you feel like pounding the pavement, don’t head straight for the big name stores that you usually frequent. Just because you know and trust them, doesn’t mean they have the best deal for you. Hunt out specialist stores for the item you’re looking for, if it’s a coffee maker – visit a kitchenware store, for jewellery – head to a jeweller. It isn’t hard to figure out that often, by buying direct, you can cut out the middle man and save costs.


With a General Idea

If you’ve followed all the steps and still only have a general theme in mind, then you’ll have to partake in just a little browsing. Hopefully, you have narrowed it down to an area of interest and aren’t still just looking aimlessly, hoping something will jump out at you!

The first thing to identify would be the general scope of the area of interest. Is it a crafty gift? Something personalised? Something movie/sport related? Finding out the theme of present can help you discover where it is you need to look. If you’re shopping online, create a bookmarks folder with all the sites that fall under the general theme and dedicate some time to just look for presents. Don’t get distracted. Don’t check social media.

If you’re more inclined to searching and seeing with your own eyes, then do some research on shops in your area, or close by that are relevant to your present theme. Map out a route between these shops and find time to just visit all of them. Have your budget in mind and try not to diverge too much from it.

Shopping with only a general idea in mind can be more time consuming and you run the risk of panic buying and not getting the best deal. However, once you browsed with a general idea and find the perfect thing, then you can follow the advice for finding the best deal with something specific in mind.


Best Online Shops for Deals

More Than Gifts helps to collate all the best products and gifts from all across the web. Endeavouring to find you the most unique, most thoughtful and most perfect presents for whoever you may be buying for.

There are a few sites which spring to mind as our go-to for personalised or truly wonderful gifts and presents, here’s our rundown of the top dogs.


etsy logo

The one-stop shop for anything and everything. Etsy is great for bringing independent artists to the frontline of the commercial industry, giving them a chance to grow and thrive. It’s a great platform for finding something unique and getting something that can be personalised. With handy categories that split things up into easy to manage sections, it’s never been easier to browse.


ebay logo

eBay is the old faithful of the commercial world. With a seemingly endless list of products to search through. It can be pretty overwhelming at first but stick with it and you’ll be sure to become an expert in no time. Try your hand at winning auctions or misspell common words to find great deals that no one else can find.

Not On The High Street

noths logo

Falling in a similar vein to Etsy, Not On The High Street offers bespoke, one of a kind gifts from independent artists looking to make earn a living. The unique crafts offer a truly personalised and one of a kind memento, with perfect gifts for every occasion and even a dedicated wedding section!