Decorating for a Las Vegas Themed Birthday Party

Have you ever wondered what Las Vegas had to do with your birthday party? I certainly didn’t. What I do know is that I never thought I’d be celebrating my birthday in a Las Vegas-themed birthday party with an open bar in a year when I’d be celebrating at the World Series of Poker. My friend and my cousin were the captains of the event and we looked forward to this Vegas-themed birthday party all month long nothing screams vegas more like

My friend Michelle and I have an extra special birthday this year. It’s a special birthday for a couple of reasons:

1. For our friend Natalie, whose birthday was last month.

2. For our friend Teri, whose birthday is tomorrow.

This Vegas-themed birthday party was for her birthday. Because of the timing of Natalie’s birthday, Michelle and I were taking Natalie to the New York-New York Hotel and Casino this weekend for her birthday celebration.

We were lucky enough to get a personal invitation to the Vegas hotel. All I knew was that I was excited because this was a trip I’d been wanting to take since Michelle’s birthday in March. If I had any questions about my birthday trip, I decided to ask my cousin Teri for advice. Teri has been to Las Vegas three times and has a fantastic passion for Vegas decorating.

I quickly found myself looking at hundreds of Vegas decorating photos from Pinterest. It felt like I was on a decorating scavenger hunt looking for the best items from Pinterest.

Decorating for a Las Vegas Themed Birthday Party

We decided to start decorating my house right away, even setting up a game room with an internet connected Smart TV with set as its home page. We wanted to decorate the house for Natalie’s birthday party. We knew we’d need a Halloween theme so we started looking for Halloween decorations to finish decorating our house.

I started off in the garage. The garage is full of wood furniture from my friends who moved out of town and left their things behind. I’ve found a lot of my decorating inspirations on Pinterest.

I pulled out all of my Halloween decorations and started decorating in the garage.

Once the garage was full, we moved everything into my living room. We also brought a lot of our decoration bins to my garage for easier storage during this busy month.

Then we moved on to the kitchen. My kitchen is an open space and it’s the perfect place to decorate. Here we decided to go with a theme reminiscent of a Vegas cocktail bar. We hung neon lights everywhere and also went for glitter streamers, to make it extra glam. The neon lights were the ultimate finishing touch. If you are considering buying some you may want to Read More to understand what type of neon light decorations would be suitable for you.

I just love all of my Vegas decorations and I couldn’t decide which decorations to use for my kitchen. I felt like I was trying to decide between a “Vegas theme” and a “Las Vegas theme.” I couldn’t decide if I wanted a Vegas colour scheme or a Las Vegas colour scheme.

Eventually, I decided to follow the “Las Vegas” colour scheme, drawing inspiration from the high-end looks maintained by a favourite high roller casino of mine. I found some cute Las Vegas themed items and decided to pull them all out for my kitchen.

The last step for decorating my house for Natalie’s birthday was the outside. I brought all of my outdoor decorations inside the house.

I’m so excited about the decorations I made for my Vegas themed birthday party. It was definitely a great way to celebrate my birthday in a fun Vegas themed way.

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