How to Rustically Wrap a Present

As if the act of sourcing the actual gift isn’t enough of a headache in itself, things have now been taken to the next level with the way in which one wraps their gifts mattering more than just a bit. A cheaply-wrapped gift looks exactly like that — cheap and you can almost tell without knowing too much about gift-wrapping if it has been quickly done up by those gift wrappers who stand around with their tables in malls during any gift-giving season.

It’s perhaps associated more with Christmas time and the near year-end festive season, but rustic gift-wrapping is something you can never go wrong with. If you’ve wrapped a gift up rustically, half of the intended effect is instantly achieved in that you then have some leeway to perhaps get away with a not-so-flattering gift contained inside. The effect you want to achieve is for the present’s recipient not to want to rip the wrapping off carelessly, but rather want to delicately undo what appears to have been a very careful and laborious task of putting all the elements of the gift-wrapping together.

So here are some of the items which make up what will without fail be a rustically wrapped present.

presentsJute Twine

Quite honestly, unless you’re tying the knot over glossy and tacky-looking gift wrapping paper, jute twine is just about all you really need to make a present look rustic. Preferably use natural jute twine which just looks rustic in every way, particularly with the way in which some of the fibres tend to stick out all along the length of the string.

The cross you make (when you tie the bow/ribbon) with the jute twine should resemble that of something like Christians’ cross and it should not bisect the package evenly as it would be if running straight across the middle.

Brown, Hand-Printed Wrapping Paper

You could perhaps go with other soft and otherwise “dullish” colours, but nothing makes wrapping paper more rustic-looking than a nice darker-coloured print on a brown paper base, especially if the paper has a bit of embossing on it or just a printed pattern. Why should it be hand-printed? Well so that it doesn’t look like any machines were involved. If the patterning is uneven, all the better as that makes for the ultimate in delivering a rustic effect.

Stay away from anything shiny or glossy as this undoes what the jute twine ribbon is intended to contribute.

Use Embossed Holiday Tags or Wood Tags

Green embossed tags tend to go best with the brownish base colour of the wrapping paper and the jute twine, otherwise wooden tags also do a great job to top-off a rustically wrapped present. By holiday tags we’re referring to ones which have perhaps been specifically shaped for the particular holiday season, such as those which come in the shape of a Christmas tree.

If the gift is not one which will be presented a traditional box-type container, burlap favour bags will do just fine in the most common colour you’d find them in.

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